lately i’ve been in a shoe phase (more like perving over shoes than actually buying them) – but am slowly coming round to bags again. my black leather bag hasn’t let me down for over 5 years and is versatile enough that i haven’t gotten bored of it, but it’s starting to show some wear… and as much as it saddens me it might be time for something new.

this is where missibaba comes in. i totally freaked over their previous western inspired cowboy’s little girl collection, so much so that the word un-fucking-believable might have been used. they have just released their new autumn/winter collection, lucy in the sky with diamonds – inspired by the beatles and their flamboyant military-esque sgt. pepper suits. they were kind enough to send me pictures so i could do some hi-res drooling… the hand-painted gingham print of the cha-ching bag and the workhorse bag in particular really get me. and the possum. whoa it’s tough to choose!

i daresay that possibly the best thing about missibaba is the fact that their bags and accessories are handmade here in south africa by designer chloe townsend and her team of local craftswomen. sold. which is your favourite?


  1. The Cha-Ching bag is brilliant. I was unable to find it on the website, but think that it would be a very ingenious way to wear gingham.

  2. These bags are spectacular, and I have to say, out of every accessory I like bags the least (which means I still like them, but just not as much as other types of accessories).

  3. Possum is beautifull…and will go with most outfits. Penny line is also nice but more day to day bag.

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