thought i’d highlight the best of both worlds – since you notherners are slowly skipping into spring, and us southerners are steadily creeping into autumn. i’m sure we are both eager for a change … i know i am.

NORTH: spring flowers / beating the heat / the beach / swimming / watermelon / bare legs / lazing outdoors / shorts / ice-cream conesSOUTH: autumn colours / falling leaves / warm boots / scarves / comfort food / rainy walks / fireplaces / layering / snuggly beds



  1. I love both seasons, and as a fellow southerner, I can’t wait for fall to finally arrive! We’re still having summery temperatures here in Buenos Aires.


  2. Although some of those fall/winter stuff is really nice, I wouldn’t mind having spring/summer weather the whole year :) So I’m very happy that the weather is really becoming better over here in Belgium. The first days of sun, hurraaaay!

  3. Love this! Two of my favorite seasons… but I am definitely so excited for the warmer weather coming our way!

  4. These are wonderful. A refreshment before the rest of the afternoon!

  5. Wow, what a lovely collection! Such beautiful pictures. I live in Boston, and I certainly wish our spring would look like your North section!

  6. Love this post! I’m in California and am anxiously awaiting the arrival of Spring (technically Spring began yesterday according to the calendar, but it’s stormy and cold still!), and this post reminds me of why it is so cool to be part of the international blog community. I love Autumn, but I’m glad for sunny weather ahead…and sandals. :)

  7. I’d love a year full of summer! But I would miss the boots and the crunchy leaves of autumn. And those snuggly beds.

  8. yes, Im dying for the summer and warmer weather! haha. Your southern collage is totally turning me off, lol.

  9. I am beyond ready for spring after a looooong winter, but your images of autumn make me feel better that the warm weather won’t last forever.

  10. Melbourne (Australia) skipped summer this year… which is a bit sad, but really lovely to have something ‘for the south’

  11. conversely we have had a long, hot summer. too long and too hot in my opinion – very ready for winter!

    (need to REPRESENT… where are all the southerners??)

  12. Beautiful post! My two favourite seasons – Autumn and Spring. Longing for the cooler weather and all the lovely things that go with it. Today is a little hint of things to come…. :) xx

  13. after having grown up in a semi-tropical climate, it’s so great to finally experience all the seasons and actually have spring & summer to look forward to. winter seemed especially brutal this year, so bring on the heat!

    lovely post, as always.

  14. Lovely post! I’m getting into Spring and can’t barely wait for Summer. I ready to give up on scarves and fireplaces for now.=)

  15. Aww … such snuggly pictures … just love the look of this post. Thanks for the reminder that summer has all but disappeared and the weather man keeps lying to boot.

  16. i follow manu, yes! we’re still having summery temperatures here in Buenos Aires.

  17. being from northern usa i am anxiously awaiting the spring, but your autumn choices have actually made me miss the fall…

  18. Greetings from Australia, down in Victoria not far from Melbourne where it is getting colder everyday, darker in the mornings and an extra layer is finally needed.

    Fantastic post by you!

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