i will be taking a little break till next week.

image: life photo archive

… but may as well take this opportunity to ask your advice. my rss reader has gone from a handful of blogs to over 500 back to a handful and repeat many times over.  at the moment it’s at a pretty satisfying medium, where i can catch up with my favourites with relative ease and the only folder that has the dreaded 1000+ unread items is my guilty stash of music blogs (an addiction, i know.)

but sometimes i feel like i’m missing out, and there are obviously a ton of sites i don’t even know about – let alone subscribe to. i’d love to know from you what your favourites are right now. both old staples and new discoveries are welcome. and not just blogs either – any kind of website that is tickling your fancy.

can we also come up with another term for “tickling your fancy” ?

see you next week.

ps: there is an interview with me in this month’s issue of PIG magazine. it’s in italian, so if you can understand it – yay! if not, google translate helps… but then i sound quite amusingly foreign. you can download the mag for free here.


  1. There is a great radio show here in Canada called “The Age of Persuasion”. The show describes itself as an exploration of “the countless ways marketers permeate your life, from media, art, and language, to politics, religion, and fashion.”

    They have podcasts, which can be found here: http://www.cbc.ca/ageofpersuasion/episode/ – I often have difficulty starting the podcasts, so I tend to listen to the older ones here: http://castroller.com/podcasts/cbcpodcasts2?page=1 The first episode there is about Mad Men!

  2. Have fun on your break! And I think every blogger has the same problem. I just save my absolute favourites, and the others I visit every once and I while. Sometimes I forget about a blog, but I rediscover them a few weeks/months later via other blogs, and I catch up.

  3. Can’t wait to read your blog everyday, so beautiful, so inspiring. Thanks for tickling my …erm….fancy Miss Moss. (tried to think of another way of putting that, but nothing springs to mind right now – it’s kinda late :)

  4. i think all the ones i love are staples for classy bloggers like yourself, but i’ll tell you anyway. my very favorites are even*cleveland, and projet d’amour, which i know you read. also behind ballet, the australian ballet’s blog, and hila writes for them also. folkloric is lovely to read and see. into the gloss is good if you’re in the mood for vicarious (or not) beauty splurging. i really like bigBANG studio for an international, artistic, travelogue-type adventure. tra la. those are my probably obvious but lovely anyway suggestions.

  5. http://www.colourlovers.com/ Is an amaaaazing site! You can look through thousands of color palettes that folks have created, make your own, create/ color in patterns, and their blog has a fashion and interior design color palette section! I spent hours– hours– just scrolling through the palette list alone. So much inspiration. :)

  6. i have happily stumbled upon your blog! i am a lover of all things creative and inputting whatever it is i can. here are a couple i’m loving right now; blogs, websites and more ;)

    veer.com they have an ideas section with free wallpapers and a free font a month!
    blogotheque.net if you love music…
    .joythebaker.com i LOVE to bake!
    camprevival.com a great music blog
    pastemagazine.com and another music and entertainment blog
    orangejuice-etc.com a lovely couple who blogs
    kristineats.com a creative friend
    moorea-seal.com another cute blog

    so i might have gone overboard but i love sharing this network of goodness!

    tickling your fancy=beats your drum?
    picks your guitar?

  7. so nice of you to ask! i love:

    brwnpaperbag.com for art
    anambitiousprojectcollapsing.com for quirky inspiration and folky art & objects
    theseeyestheysee.tumblr.com for crazy awesome art & design
    all kinds of library catalogs like loc.gov and nypl.org

    and of course mine (who isn’t down for a little self-promotion??) art, culture, fun bigbigbigthings.com

  8. http://www.yarnstorm.blogs.com/ – it’s British, so very British. Wild knitting sessions powered by lashing of tea and dollops of cream with scones. Plus Jane is incredibly well read and has brilliant taste in films, period dramas and musicals.

    http://blanketmagazine.com/ – a spiffy looking art and design magazine

    http://bekandnik.wordpress.com/ – Do you remember mucking around with the telephone when you were a tiny tot? Dialling random numbers and annoying the heck out of who ever answered. Well 7 rings is slightly more highbrow, it’s an artists game of telephone

    And I send far too much time tinkering away at penpaperplay.blogspot.com – But it’s how I get my kicks.

  9. I’m so happy that I’m not the ONLY one who feels this way. Sometimes I actually get anxious about the things I’m missing out on – but it goes beyond blogs, to place to travel to, books to read, foods I haven’t yet tried…

    I guess I’m slowly resigning myself to the fact that there will always be more.

    Finally, I love your blog and would be honored for you to check out mine one day: http://cozyhunter.com

  10. Shaz Rhodes Reply

    Miss Moss Blabla bloggg but NOT SO with you.. I love your intelligent sensitive eye for beauty and your commentary sound real and fresh and friendly. On a long day you are sunshine!!! Thanks Sx

  11. I’m a visual creature like you so I thought I’d send you some lovely design blogs:
    This might help too: http://www.veryshortlist.com/about

    And if you’re into traveling virtually, I just recently stepped out into the blogging world with my very own:

    Also, not sure if you have an ipad but Flipbook is a lovely app that organizes your many feeds to look like a magazine. So smart!

    Thanks for being so inspiring and innovative. I hope to visit your part of the world someday soon.

  12. My google reader also often has over 1000 posts to scroll through, but thats what lazy Sundays are for I suppose. A few of my favorites were already mentioned, but here are some more…

    Everything from fashion, pretty things, design, photography, and just funny too.

  13. I love the new look!
    Your blog is amazing, so inspiring. Looking forward to your return

    • oops, i meant ‘bad’ blogs. i trim my list every once so often. in the end, you account for the time you spend on following these blogs. something’s gotta give.

  14. for new york style & excitement, fashion & interiors:

    & i newly discovered this swedish girl in paris, who takes beautiful old-style photos with her camera:

    and, of course, mine! (*blushing rather immodestly*):

    also, I just came across january’s Vogue India, they have a vogue diary of photos from parties/out & about, that have been matched with paintings for their colour schemes – & of course i immediately thought of your work! try & get a copy if you can! i will attempt to scan or take a picture of the page, as it was a beautiful feature..

    happy reading!
    katie x

  15. It’s always so hard to balance blog reading, isn’t it? My daily reads are: design*sponge, The Sartorialist, Poppytalk, Fine Little Day, Sandra Juto, Ninainvorm, A Cup of Jo, Oh So Beautiful Paper, clumsybird flickr stream, Abby Try Again, and you (the newest addition). You probably know about all of these, but there you have it. There are lots others that I love and read frequently. I just had a baby 4 months ago, so I’m starting to add baby/mama blogs to the mix which opens up a whole new can of worms! Some of those favorites: unruly little things, wee textile, vintage for kids…

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