i habitually bookmark all the street style i love over at my tumblr, but here is a recap of my absolute favourites recently.

cool couples. both by the sartorialist.

colour! left: stockholm streetstyle & right: trendycrew

black and white, white and black. left: citizen couture & right: the locals

mixing patterns. left: streetpeeper & right: the sartorialist

white pants. left: all the pretty birds & right: stockholm streetstyle

eva eva eva eva! both by the sartorialist

polkadots. left: streethearts & right: the sartorialist

coats. left: streetpeeper & right: the sartorialist

my favourites of them all. left: the facehunter & right alix as shot by stockholm street style.


  1. Love, love, love-ing how you put it all together Miss M!!! Glad that you are purusing all the different sites … versus me doing it. Hope your mini-break was productive? (I am on one now … lol.)

  2. stunning! i love all of your picks — some of the same ones, and some new ones, that i’ve been admiring! i especially love the long black dress in the first picture.

  3. I am now officially yearning for Winter weather! Loving the return of the uber flattering wide leg trousers & all the eccentric little hints at prints.

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