the aviator is one of those films that i got really excited for, watched it once (i’m pretty sure i enjoyed it) and then never saw again. this seems like a running trend with films that star leo for some reason. but i love leo – i really do. my love for him can be attributed to the fact that he was our generation’s… wait, am i going to say it… bieber. i don’t know! what is the pre-teen obsession now? is it that dude from the vampire movies? whatever the case – leo’s face was all over our teen magazines at the time. we cut out pictures of him, he was on our walls. yes.

but enough leo talk. he’s a great actor – i do apologise for the bieber comparison (obviously comparing our mania for leo to the mania for bieber… not any other factors.) back to the aviator!

i need to watch this again, certainly from a visual perspective. cate blanchett is absolutely top notch as katharine hepburn, obviously (but i am quite puzzled as to why gwen stefani & kate beckinsale were even cast in this film.)

screencaps courtesy of cate blanchett fan

did you ever watch that simpsons episode where mr. burns loses it & he basically becomes howard hughes – “we’ll take the spruce moose! hop in!” haha, simpsons – i love you.


  1. Declaration on of love for leo and simpsons in a same post. I dig you! :)

  2. I love Blanchett in this role. As a Hepburn she possessed such a strength of character that I try to emulate in my own life. And boy does she have style. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I adore her so much. She’s such a great actress with such class! One of my favorites is her in Life Aquatic + Coffee & Cigarettes. LOVE. Thanks for posting this! Her role as Hepburn was so brilliant!

  4. I totally agree with you about Leo, I love him. Although I will say that I bought this movie on DVD and I love to watch it as background while I am working sometimes. It is a little long to sit for the entire thing but has great scenes and costumes. I deflty recommend trying it.

  5. I love him in EVERYTHING. I think he’s amazing actor, too. Same with Brad Pitt, as typical as that sounds. I still love him so much. But yes, such a good movie.

  6. I did the same thing with The Aviator! I saw it in the theatre the first weekend it opened…. and then I didn’t watch it again. Until about 1 week ago. Because (as previously discussed in regards to Now & Then and Cruel Intentions) WE THINK ON THE SAME MOVIE WAVE LENGTH DIANA. Ahahaha.

    Seriously though. Rewatching it, I kept thinking – man, this is beautiful. Man, Leo is hot. Man, Cate is awesome. And, man, this is long.

    I read that Scorsese couldn’t find someone to play Harlow, and then saw Gwen Stefani on a magazine cover and that was that.

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