every morning by nanako koyama seen via banana meet-cute

these jars made me laugh

toska by lizzy stewartbuy it on etsy

things i’m liking. see my svpply for details.

this lovely bearded man (aka jeff guy) sent me and a few gals on twitter into a frenzy. lumberjackin’? check. faithful dog? check. rugged manliness? check. thanks for this photo, bob butler. thanks for being you, jeff guy.

this painting by sal meijer made me miss my cat so much. what is it with cats and containers.

old chum is officially my favourite tumblr of all time.

absolutely adore this lookbook for confezioni crosby seen via teenangster

i want to go HERE. photo by astrid hagen.

and i want to live here (for a weekend) – photo by jasmine fitzwilliam

the anatomy of a cupcake

and, attention all south african readers: mememe johannesburg opens their doors on 1 april, more info here. love the model they used for the campaign…


  1. hello,from France!beautiful blog,Love the last picture,i have a hat like this and never wear it!maybe i should….

  2. beautiful photos by bob butler (definitely swooning over bearded man)! p.s. LOVE the new design.

  3. everything you post; all of the time; perfection.

    i also just bought that lizzy steward zine.

  4. Yes-Old Chum is the greatest Tumblr of all time! Love this whole post…and your blog for that matter! :)

  5. Love love love the Confezioni Crosby looks! this brand is going to be carried at Opening Ceremony this fall…can’t wait!

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