welcome beyond is a website “showcasing the most beautiful and unique vacation homes & boutique hotels around the world” or “hand-picked paradise” – as they put it. well, that’s handy.

these are the kind of places i’d fancy a holiday in… i remember staying in a similarly rustic & charming farmhouse in prince albert once. we opened the fridge to find complementary homemade cheese. i won’t ever forget that. do you want to win people over and make sure they return again and again? give them free cheese.

click on an image to go to their respective properties.



  1. Thank you. You’ve given me ideas for relaxing vacations. Let’s just see if I can get my family on the same page.

  2. I’m a huge fan of vacationing at boutique hotels. I’m off to check out this site. Lovely images super cozy looking.

  3. you always post the most gorgeous things. it’s too easy to forget that there are places like this in the world, sometimes i feel like all there is are rats at the park and concrete everywhere. i’ll live somewhere like these someday! i’m saving them to my “future life” folder :) thanks

  4. Wow, these really strike me for some reason, probably one of my favorite posts of yours ever!

  5. BIG SIGH.
    amazing, thank you for sharing.
    renting short-term apartments is my favourite way to travel because you become so rooted in the location, but how often can you find spaces this beautiful.

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