i went for a long walk in the forest this past weekend – one of my favourite ways to unwind. the only thing i will miss about summer is that the days are longer which allows for walks after work before the sun sets. then again, there are not many things in the world that are as nice as walking in a forest in the dead of winter. i’m not talking snow, because it doesn’t snow here, but certainly the smell of damp earth, wet pine needles and cold air. someone bottle that up so i can bath in it.

simon vahala

simon byrne

lena modigh

jonatan hedberg

april schultz


i always get a fright when i see young robert smith, wondering where the hair & eyeliner went. also: kind of hilarious.


  1. Those forest pics are a wonderful collection you put together. Thanks for sharing. I can almost smell the “damp earth, wet pine needles and cold air”. Lovely post as usual =)

  2. We live below the Newlands forest, and I love going up there just after it rains and looking for mushrooms. They seem to thrive near the pine needles. But I’m always a bit nervous in case I mix them up with the dodgy varieties of fungi!
    Beautiful images, very peaceful.
    (Mr. Cure does indeed look odd without his signature eyeliner!)

  3. Now I want to be roaming through a misty forest. I love that you referenced the Cure in your post title… my mind instantly went to their song when I read it!

  4. Mmm…I also love the smell of the forest, especially after rain. I wanted to let you know that there may actually exist a bottled scent much like the one you’re describing! I haven’t ever smelled any of these scents from I Hate Perfume myself, but they sound wonderful:

    This one is described as smelling like “fir trees in the forest with a touch of frozen earth”:

    This one’s “a field of untouched new fallen snow, hand knit woolen mittens covered with frost, a hint of frozen forest & sleeping earth”:

    (I think my favorite scent in this entire collection, though, has to be “In the Library,” which smells like the pages of antique books and wooden shelves.)

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