keep having this crazy thought that i should be cutting down on my coffee consumption. bah! life’s too short not to be caffeinated. then i discovered seth restaino’s photographs, which illustrate that theory beautifully (plus cats)

i’m also quite intrigued by that chemex coffee maker (“designed by a german born chemist and based on laboratory glass vessels”) – even though i already abuse a variety of methods to make my own … espresso machine, stove top moka, french press … anybody have a chemex? any good?

all photographs by seth restaino


  1. LOVE the chemex – it makes drinking coffee more of a ritual, like tea drinking. You have to sit and wait for it to brew and drip through. Totally recommend it.

  2. I have friends who work at Intelligentsia Coffee in Chicago – and all of their individual coffee comes through a chemex. They swear by it, and so do I. It’s really delicious.

  3. Gorgeous photos! Being both coffee and object obsessed I have put in time with both a chemex and a french press. Right now I think I am enjoying the chemex brew more. It’s a lot cleaner than the french press, which makes a pretty muddy brew. Chemex is a little more work, but so worth it (I use my moka when i’m in a hurry)!

  4. i absolutely lurve my chemex. it’s quite simple and elegant – akin to riding a bike instead of driving. i think it makes yummier coffee than a french press, but then i might just happen to be a bit of a biased pyrex hoarder…

    love the photos. i might have to repost a few… thank you thank you!

  5. I absolutely love my chemex coffee pot. It’s definitely worth the money. The coffee is really unlike any other you’ve probably had before. I always heat some water up in it on the stove for a few minutes then dump it out and start the coffee process…that way it keeps your coffee warm and you don’t have any issues!

  6. I’m a huge fan of my Chemex. The process of making it is a bit more involved than a french press, but it’s less clean-up and the coffee itself doesn’t get as muddy. I think of a Chemex-brewed cup as the best tasting drip coffee I’ll ever have. My only peeve is that I hate buying paper filters for it. I saw that Koava in Portland started manufacturing and selling a *gorgeous* reusable stainless steel filter, but at $50 a pop, it’s a bit out of my price range.

  7. I have something similar, although with a round bottom. It came with a (reusable!) gold filter.
    works well, looks lovely.

  8. Ahhh – I’m just enjoying a cup from my Chemex right now. It doesn’t take that long to make, but you always get a non-bitter clean cup of coffee. The paper filters are compostable. We sell them in the shop (shameless plug) and they’ve been flying out the door. Also looks great on display when not in use unlike 98% of drip coffeemakers on the market today.

  9. love photo number two … more cat than coffee, but cat is looking at coffee … love my percolator it makes the best coffee bar none … love your blog!

  10. I like the Chemex… it’s a little more involved than the French press, but is so cool to watch. I don’t have one, though – in my book a really good americano beats all!

    Love the cautious kitten. And the blog! I am forever indebted to skinnylaminx for the intro!

  11. Hmm, I’ve wondered about the Chemex myself! Geoff and I have gone through more crappy electronic coffee makers than I would like to admit and use a French press only these days.

  12. Hello, I don’t have one of these but I do have two cats that love watching coffee being made. Must be something to do with the connection they make… coffee = humans sitting down = lap opportunity.
    Beautiful photos. Cheers, Louise

  13. I think the Chemex makes the perfect cup every time! And I’ve owned everything from an Italian stove-top espresso maker to a vintage mid-century percolator to a French Press. My mom actually had a Chemex in her basement, unopened, that she passed along to me last year. I was pleasantly suprised!

  14. We absolutely love our Chemex pitcher. It makes the best coffee, but only my husband has the patience to use it. Much better for weekend coffee drinking than hectic weekday mornings.

  15. thanks for all the chemex responses everyone! how long does it take, exactly? longer than a moka pot?

  16. I’d say it takes me about 4-5 minutes (with a 6-cup Chemex) in addition to the time it takes to boil water. It doesn’t take much longer than a French press, but it is more involved since you’re slowly pouring water over the grounds.

  17. I’m not a car person but definitely a coffee person! :) And now I’m really intrigued by Cemex! :))

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