you probably know donald glover as the ever amusing troy barnes on community… which is where i admittedly got to know about him too. what i didn’t know was that he is a multi-talented individual who also does stand up comedy, makes music under the name childish gambino and writes comedy (he used to be a writer for 30 rock.) i first realised these things when i discovered a remix he did of sufjan steven’s illinoise album under one of his musical monikers, mc DJ – which he called illin-noise (!) – if that doesn’t make you fall head over heels for this guy perhaps these photos will.

taken by ariel rosenbloom for the spring issue of bullett magazine.

all photographs by ariel rosenbloom


  1. His standup is quite hilarious! I was taken by it.

    Thanks for sharing these photos. They definitely made my day brighter :)

  2. saw him interviewed on late night this past week — could not stop laughing when he mentioned his twitter account can be misread as “dong lover”. didn’t even think it was really funny, just couldn’t stop laughing. he’s just that endearing i suppose. lovely photo spread.

  3. Since I keep coming back to this post, I thought it high time to comment!
    I did not know about Glover’s extraneous activities, but now that I do, I’d like to say: thanks for this post!
    Not only is illin-noise a well done piece of work, but it’s really conducive to getting work done while listening..
    As I was reading up on him, I came across his stand-up acts on youtube; in one he has this great spiel (about race) in which he said: it’s not who you are, it’s how they treat you. Thought provoking stuff.

  4. uhhh, illin-noise! oh my gosh, just when i thought i couldn’t love him MORE! plus, he’s looking good, especially surrounded by easter eggs & curious plants.

  5. I’ve been a fan of Donald and Childish Gambino for a while [you know, since Community, but a fan is a fan!] but I haven’t seen this spread before. Delightful! I’m seeing him in concert next weekend and I can’t wait!

  6. oh, he DEFINITELY makes my top five celebrity crushes now that I’ve seen these photos. I’m not all the way a rap sort of girl, but I have been known to do a little dance at my desk while listening to the musical stylings of Childish Gambino. I didn’t get tickets to his show in time and it BROKE MY HEART.

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