i hope you have seen the amazing amazing ny times feature on margaret howell – as it was deservedly reblogged all over the place recently. while i was over there spying on margaret for the millionth time, i decided to have a browse through some of their other style features (something i don’t do often enough, and should do because the ny times style magazine is truly great) – that’s when i spotted this feature on production designer ford wheeler.

wow. if ever there was someone whose aesthetic is the complete opposite of margaret – it’s ford wheeler. these photos show the interiors of his NYC loft, his country compound in upstate new york & his house in mérida, mexico.

The loft is assemblage in the extreme. The layers are amazingly dense. Everywhere, curious objects are clustered into vignettes, and each one has a story to tell. “Collecting is kind of like drugs for some people,” he once said. “It can be hard to determine when it is just too much.”

also thought this tied in nicely with the potted post from yesterday – look at the plant collection in his loft! i have to thank you all for your amazingly helpful comments, by the way… will let you know when i venture into potted territory.

ps: the selby did a feature on ford wheeler last year – go see his NYC loft in more detail.

story & images from the ny times style magazine


  1. I remember seeing his home in the Selby, but I hadn’t seen it in the NY Times Style Magazine. (I used to look at that site all the time, but had kind of forgotten it recently.) Thanks for showing us. I absolutely love these images! (Well, the taxidermy room is a bit creepy… I could do with a few less dead animals in that room, and I’m not even vegetarian. :) I am so envious of all that tile…

  2. I love looking in on people who style their lives and Wheeler is a true life artist. I am loving his white kitchen and house plants. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh my, I love this place!!! I could stay forever in that colorful, blooming living room in the first photo and cook wonders in that whimsical kitchen! Beautiful tiles.. *sigh*
    xo, Eleni

  4. too FABU – shows so much creativity! and
    joie de la vie! trop, trop!

  5. Elizabeth DeWitt Anderson Reply

    I knew Ford at BYU in 1966 and thought he was the most amzaing person I’d known. I loved, admired, and was in awe of Ford, but he did not know it. I would love to have the priviledge of meeting and talking with him again. His life of art, achievement and accomplishment is daunting to me, but I knew him as a kind, non-judgmental, and empathetic young man who would not judge me, so I long to meet and or speak with him again. The decades separating us seem insignificant, somehow, because I know we would have the most incredible reunion, and a treasured experience would be mine. .

    Elizabeth DeWitt Anderson

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