have been very, very tempted by this hair lately.

anna karina

chantal goya

– both by ciorania


  1. the bottom one is best…shorter is better with this dramatic look. and it has to be black. it totally doesn’t work with light hair (I just had this discussion with my hairdresser). :-)

    • mmm i would probably go for a bit longer (anna karina’s length) – don’t really want to look like amelie ;)

  2. I have just discovered your beautiful blog from for me, for you :) (fellow fan nut job of her). this hair is quite beautiful, I’m trying to grow mine out like the top one :)

  3. I started a “pinterest” folder with bobs i liked! Glad i’m not the only one! They’re mainly shorter ones though. I think the Anna Karina one would suit most people, you should go for it!

  4. I just got this cut last week in a bout of summer anticipation! i mourned my long braid/topknot for a few days, but other than that it’s low-maintenance & lovely.

  5. i have a “hair file” on my computer and this look is taking over. i LOVE it. do it girl!

    my favorite is the third one down.

  6. This is almost making me want to change my hair-spiration from Jean Seberg. Beautiful! However, I think miss Seberg’s hair cut suits me better, so I’ll keep bringing her photos to my hairdresser :)

  7. oh that last photo makes me sad because I had her haircut until last week when my hair dresser unknowingly cut it off. but one day I’ll have it back.

  8. DO it! Go for it! I cut bangs a couple of months ago and really loved the decision (after a day or two, I always have regrets after hair cuts but if you give it a few days or a week, it grows into itself and you’ve got an amazing ‘do).

  9. i love it. i’ve also had the urge to chop my hair lately and this is not helping! a fun change is always good!

  10. i always try to grow out my bangs and then i see photos like this (anna karina!) and chop them right back again. then i start the grow-out process all over. sigh!

  11. second to last picture. so hot. so simple…the eyebrows, the V-bangs, the wistfulness—it’s almost too much! love.

  12. DomeniqueD Reply

    2 weeks ago I chopped it off my long locks in exchange for this style. Every one has complemented me and its easy to maintain. Go for it!

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