i wasn’t sure how to write this introduction about kate without sounding like a fan-girl nut job. i’ve been reading for me, for you for as long as i have been reading blogs (and chances are you do too.) hers was one of the first to go into my reader when i figured out what rss feeds were – a glorious day, that was. i live vicariously through her bits of my weekend posts and i’d like to pretend that wendy would actually like me if i ever met her (cat cuddles?)

things i like right now by kate miss of for me, for you

  1. No. 6 Huarache Clogs: I already own one pair of No. 6 clogs, but why stop at one pair? This new style makes me weak in the knees.
  2. Clam Lab handmade tableware. I love the ritual of drinking coffee every morning, made even better by a pretty mug.
  3. Cover Song Archive: A new project from the folks at Booooooom I’m stoked about because I’m mildly obsessed with finding and making cover songs.
  4. Obsessive plant hoarding. Since moving into an apartment with huge bay windows, not to mention now living in a climate that plants love, plant hoarding has become way too easy for my boyfriend and I.
  5. Maple Sours. A drink I like to unwind with after a long day that involves whiskey, maple syrup, and meyer lemon juice.
  6. José González – I want to put his music in my mouth it’s so good. Does that make sense? I kind of feel the same way about kittens…
  7. J Crew forever cardigans. I’m not one of those bloggers that gushes over J Crew like it’s the best thing since sliced bread that you’ve never seen if every mall in America, but their forever cardigans are the SHIT. They come in amazing colors, are the perfect length, are super lightweight, and worth every penny. Smoldering brick is an awesome color.
  8. Tortoise General Store. My favorite store here in Venice, full of Japanese goodies that make me want things I never knew I needed, like a tiny porcelain spoon (for stirring my coffee in my pretty mug, natch.)
  9. This live Talking Heads video that Stephanie sent me when I was feeling down. You can’t watch David Byrne dance and still feel down, it’s not possible.
  10. Coming up for breath once in a while in life and telling all the wonderful people in your life that you love them. Sometimes we get a little too caught up in our own silly things to remember to do this. Diana and I actually discussed this need recently, so I thought I’d toss this in here as a reminder to you. (photo by Claire Griffiths)

did you watch that talking heads video? do it now.


  1. as much as everything on this list is awesome, I’d have to single out number 10 – I totally agree, I’ve been taking some time out to do the same.

  2. i meant to drop you a mail but i’ll just say it here, not that i blame your blog for my procrastinating, it’s just happen to be so lovely i have to browse back, i’m not even done yet actually :D i’m still glad i found your site. cheers!

  3. I was recently at an even where Clam Lab was on display. Their work has such a cool organic feel to it. (and they even have a little something for us plant hoarders)

  4. Coming up for air is exactly what I will do when, in a matter of hours, I will finish my masters. Which leads me to being so excited to try Maple Sours and dig through the Cover Song Archive. So good, Kate and Diana, so good.

  5. A thousand times yes! Especially agree with Jose Gonzalez and you may have just blown my mind and made my week with this Cover Song Archive!

  6. I seriously JUST Received those Clam Lab mugs from my sweet friend Sarah as a wedding present! They’re the best! Funny, cause Sarah is the one who is married to Sam from Apollo Sunshine! Small world :)

  7. In some cruel ironic twist, for some reason I can’t add Kate’s blog to my Google Reader (which obv can be done since you did it)! Anyone else have that problem? I’ve never had that happen before… maybe its the dash?

    Absolutely love love love your blog, btw!

  8. I have a small addiction to cardigans, so the Forevers are very tempting; I don’t love the buttons on this season’s collection, so my money may stay safe for a bit longer.

    As for the Heads, any day is better when it includes at least one of their songs. “Stop Making Sense” is still an incredible movie, decades after I first saw it.

  9. i totally stole that maple sour recipe and it has become my friday after work reward.
    and those clogs…..ugh. i die.

    i do not need more shoes, repeat, i do not need more shoes.

  10. I love Kate and I’m so glad she introduced me to your blog. I’ve bookmarked this baby!

  11. How are those clogs?! Please let me find a pair similarly perfect on my travels!

    Naive Melody has long been my and my friend Olivia’s ultimate favourite, particularly that live version. It never fails to make me smile or groove. And it always surprises people that hear it for the first time. I even got them to play it at Black Ram the other night, and the strange collection of people that were left there at 1am really felt it.

  12. Tortoise General Store is the absolute best place to buy gifts for the person who has everything (or for yourself).

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