it might be time to get out my old camera out and play around with some black and white film again. quite tricky, but so worth it when you manage to get it right. here are some old and new black & white photos i’ve been enjoying.

blanca galindo

old chum

mark peckmezian

what makes the pie shops tick?

hari roser

frank horvat


atypical art

maya fiala grau


  1. Very beautiful pictures… Doesn’t matter is its the most expensive or newest camera or photoshop, the light in the B&W pictures express so much, they capture everything so perfect…
    Great selection!!!

  2. I am on the same page!! Just need a little inspiration. What type of camera do you shoot with?? I am a bit of a holga gal myself, but I just found out Fuji is making B&W film for my Polaroid land camera!! Very exciting.

    • i have a late sixties / early seventies nikkormat ( which takes the most exquisite photos – but unfortunately the light meter is broken, so i have to use an external which can be a pain. i also have a nikon fm10 ( which is from the mid nineties and super easy to use.

      but i have 4 old nikon lenses that fit both cameras – so that’s a nice bonus!

      i must admit that i’ve never ventured into holga territory, but i’d love to get into medium-format photography. too bad film photography, in general, is so expensive now. just to get slide film developed and scanned here can be pretty pricey (and no one in my town even does it anymore!)

  3. I love b&w photos, they are just soo magical! And these are some extraordinary shots!

  4. and after all,
    we’re free to fall,
    once all the pain goes,
    and how we stood.

    what an amazing song, most certainly my new favourite.
    i absolutely love you blog, it is consistently wonderful, thank you so much.


  5. That girl in the top pic looks a little like Chloe Sevigny…or maybe it’s just me.

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