the ones2watch is an online magazine that showcases the fashion industry’s up-and-coming photographers, stylists & other peeps behind the lens. if you’re seeking some inspiration i suggest you browse through their past issues. i was particularly taken by this editorial that was photographed by ross trevail & styled by lena dystant – who you may recognise from many street style blogs as basically the coolest girl on the planet.


  1. Oh my goodness. I love this. I could probably find many of these similar items in the back of my parents closet. Such a great post, it makes me smile!

  2. Oh hi dream wardrobe! Man, this is full of everything I’ve been wanting for months.

  3. I’m genuinely interested in learning more about fashion, which is not a world I know much about at all, but I have to say this shoot perplexes me a little — trivial as it sounds, I can’t get past the fact that the female model seems to be wearing the same expression (pretty much) in all these photos. Can you explain further what you like about this shoot?

    • I completely agree. Very beautiful face, clean, lovely eyebrows and complexion. But she ruins all that with that consistent sour expression. She looks like she’s trying much too hard to “model.” Perhaps she was directed to pose like this (the male model looks pretty angry as well) but it’s unfortunate. Though I don’t really see the draw of this shoot anyway. It’s not that inspired to me – nothing I haven’t seen before. I’m also curious to know what it is in particular you like about it.

  4. Kate + Fionnuala :

    it’s a simple & nicely executed shoot with styling that particularly appeals to my sensibilities.

    what i love most about it is the work/menswear on the girl – something that i have featured countless times on here & can’t resist highlighting again and again.

    aesthetically: the first picture in particular is very beautiful to me. i like the texture of the simple canvas background and the way it contrasts with the bright blue of the worn denim. a simple device, but it works. perhaps something they should have incorporated into some of the other pictures.

    regarding the model – i don’t pay much attention to models either way, be it in a high end fashion mag or an amateur shoot … so her expression doesn’t bug me in the least. also, have you heard of chronic bitchface?

    • I hadn’t heard that term but it’s certainly descriptive! (Great link, too!) Thanks for such a thoughtful response; it wouldn’t be my chosen aesthetic, but it’s really nice to hear where you’re coming from, as it makes it easier for me to see the appeal of the shoot.

    • Hey, i actually shot this story. Regarding the models, they weren’t posed at all other than asking them to stand or sit, I wait for them to do something i like and then take the picture but I don’t ask them to pull certain faces or looks, i’m more interested in their personalities. That was just the way she looked so i didn’t see any reason to change it, i think she is beautiful.

      Glad a lot of you like it though.

      And you are right, Lena is pretty much the coolest girl in town!


  5. Ugh, I love the styling! I work on set as a makeup artist and these clothes would be so functional and so stylish- tomboy chic.

  6. I’ve been obsessed with those american flag converse forever and can never find them. They have a newer version of them that aren’t as cool. *sigh*
    Love these outfits as well. boyish but sexy boyish. :)

  7. This is so well done! Looks fabulously pro. At first I thought she was Lindsay Wixson, my bad.

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