have recently been introduced to two new personal style blogs that have gone straight into my reader. milk teeths that was recommended to me by kate, as well as the other emily recently featured by mallory.

this is milk teeths aka ashley (who also sells vintage on etsy by the way)

and this is the other emily – an architect who also documented her style while travelling abroad


  1. I started following Milk Teeths recently too… I love both of them because I can actually picture myself wearing all of their outfits. & not in an aspirational way. In a – “I could wear something like that tomorrow… or right now” sort of way. In a – “I could wear these outfits & look stylish but not be stared at (in a bad way) by the people in my rather un-fashion-forward section of the world” sort of way. Yeah.

  2. Umm…HI!!! Oh gosh, someone tipped me off that I was on your blog an ‘lo and behold I am! Thank you so much for the feature! I knew you from your tumblr since I see it reblogged all the livelong day so I was wondering, “…could this be Miss Moss from the Miss Moss Blog?!?!” and it was. So, yeah, hey lady ; )

  3. Wow, what a lovely surprise! Thank you so much for the feature, I am so flattered – and as another recent fan of milk teeths, glad to be in such great company!

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