it’s easter weekend, which means that south africa kind of shuts down for a while. we have a long-long weekend ahead of us – i’ll be on holiday from tomorrow for 6 days. so, this is adiós till next week thursday!

a these things post is in order for the meantime. also be sure to get the latest music mix if you haven’t already.

margaret howell s/s 2011:

need supply co’s spring catalog:

raft stool by norm architects:

this cat:

portrait of heath by inez van lamsweerde and vinoodh matadin:

my new roots makes simple mint pea dip:

the shaw sisters:

photography by Anna Ådén:

sofia coppola’s essentials:

her hair. photographed by sarah maingot.

puenta del inca by sabino demerson:

a victorian mansion in africa:

the bluth company tumblr:

and to end off on a pitch perfect note – the miss piggy calendar, 1982:


  1. We have a four days weekend in Argentina too, enjoy yours! Loved your selection of pics. Besos!

    p.s.: The Patagonia picture is from Argentina, it’s Puente del Inca in Mendoza, which is not exactly in the Patagonia region, but it’s ok, the photog was confused, LOL

  2. oh Margaret Howell’s clothing is always so sophisticated, if I owned it I would definitely be way smarter.

    Have a lovely Holiday Miss Moss!! and Happy Easter!!!

  3. I was inspired simply by Margaret Howell’s lookbook, but every other photo added to the beauty and inspiration – brilliant collection! Happy Easter!

  4. You always put together the best collection of interesting images. I really love looking at your blog! The pic of the kitty actually made me laugh out loud, and annie hall piggy & kermit made me bust a gut, so cute!

  5. You are just the coolest. Seriously. I just started delving into your blog awesomeness and am totally in love with it. Had to put you as one of my very favorites in one of my recent blog posts, to boot!
    Also… the Gob quote is so freaking funny. I’ve used it a few times- which just resulted in people thinking I have no idea how to pronounce circumvent. But, that’s okay. I was happy to take one for the team- even if it was just for my own little world.

    Have a lovely holiday break!

  6. L-O-V-E this Miss Piggy Calendar! I was Piggy for Halloween – in a homemade costume complete with Kermit the Frog treat basket – for a solid decade as a kid. Good times. xo Lola

  7. you know, i am sitting here at 1:07AM Seattle time and looking at this lovely post while listening to Eef Barzelay’s “Shaker Star”…are you familiar??…of course you are! with your impeccable taste in music :) Anyhow, it just somehow perfectly {and randomly} synced up with this post…especially once i hit the heath pic…it hit me…isn’t it just amazing how music can do that? i just adore your blog & your music style. that’s it. end of story. thanks for being so lovely.

  8. oh BOY, do I ever wish I had Sofia Copolla’s wallet. if I did, I would dress myself in Margaret Howell from head to toe.

  9. I am absolutely smitten with your blog. This is exactly what I would want mine to be if I had the time/energy: a curation of all the beautiful things that inspire me. You put everything together in such a beautiful way. Kudos. Keep it up :)

  10. As always a perfect selection. Thanks for sharing. I especially enjoyed the mint pea dip and the lovely pictures by Anna Aden!
    Have a wonderful vacation! K*

  11. this is a lot of really great stuff. That cat, the hair, that calendar. Sigh.

    Hope you’re having a great holiday!

  12. Very nice pictures! I am absolutely in love with the “hair” picture. I wish to have hair like that as well but because of my unbelievably round and fat face, that will just be a dream. Haha! XX

  13. okay, there’s too much amazing-ness here that i’ll just say, whoa! but thank you for introducing me to my new roots – i’m veg and finding little treasures like this is so good. thanks!

  14. BAH! How did I not see this sooner?!

    First, I gotta tell you how much i LOVE your blog, sheesh. And then…to stumble upon a photo of MY PEA DIP…I nearly burst. Thank you so much for posting it, it means a lot coming from a rad lady like you ;)

    Please continue to entertain us with such beauty and inspiration.
    All love, Sarah B

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