i saw this on tara-lynn’s tumblr, and it has almost 50,000 reblogs so you may or may not have seen it already – but i really love it. you see these kind of things all the time, but i enjoyed the straight to the point + non-fussiness of this one. it’s not trying to be charming or clever or cute. this is just good non-froofy advice.

have been listening to the new fleet foxes album, helplessness blues non flipping stop. lorelai is my favourite song, though montezuma comes a close second. here’s a completely non-official vid for lorelai so that you can have a listen.

these paintings of hair braiding & corn rows BLEW MY MIND! thanks meighan. (also made me think of ron swanson)

my favourite guys are back again!

speaking of stylish dudes – karl-edwin guerre wins. captured by citizen couture.

emo pony, aaaw. captured by sverrir thor

emo girl made me aww, too. captured by marija strajnic

exquisite porcelain work by kate macdowell – seen via it’s nice that

jenni rope for marimekko a/w 2011

i really, really, really want to read tina fey’s new book. now. (that cover!)

sushi for breakfast? i think i could. (as long as there is avocado involved)

as if i needed more inspiration for plants in the house! at the old chum tumblr. obviously.


  1. Great stuff, amazing inspirations!

    I would love to have a room with a lot of hanging plants..


  2. hehe. I love the stylish guys! :) and Tina Fey is so ridiculous :) can’t believe she writes books too.

    and the first quote-type thing is great. something to print out and stick up the fridge

  3. I think your mind is a delightful and inspiring thing. I visit you every day. Thank you.

  4. Emo horse is so cute! :))) And that room looks almost like my BFF apartment – her plan is to turn the space in botanical garden, I think. :)

  5. Those are paintings?! I saw those hair braiding & corn row images on your tumblr, but had no idea they were PAINTINGS!… ah, wow. Beyond impressed.

  6. awesome stuff! love the plants pic!

    And I have an idea for your blog- could you title your pictures so the title is closer to the picture?

    Just a thought.

    I really enjoy your blog.

      • oh ok, I look at the pic first, then I tend to look at the description below, but it’s above.. Just a thought. I really love your interesting and intelligent blog though.

  7. emo pony reminds me of my super-emo dog! he puts his head on the windowsill in our bedroom and stares out at the new york skyline … and sighs. not kidding!!

  8. Where did you get the new fleet foxes album from, can’t seem to find it on itunes or Go?

  9. I’m halfway through Bossypants and it is great! I have been reading it before I fall asleep every night, but it’s a page-turner, so I end up staying awake longer than anticipated. I highly recommend buying it. It’s hilarious!

  10. great advice in the 50 ways that says leave work early (with permission)! i love working a few extra hours during the week & then taking leave a few hours early one afternoon, especially in the summer!

  11. Hey Miss Moss!

    Just wanted to say I love your posts, it is all so interesting.
    I have found your blog via Tara Lynn.
    Pretty cool (:
    I wish my blog will grow as awesome as yours! hihi


  12. Lovely blog. You even managed to capture one of my favorite best styled gentleman and friends. Love Guerre!

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  15. Rachel Townsend Reply

    Miss Moss I really love the 50 ways to cope with stress, and your favorite guys = very stylish.
    Thanks you rock.

  16. Rachel Townsend Reply

    Do you know where i could buy that Poster, by any chance??? x Thanks

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