oh dear, i started another tumblr. wearing the pants is all about women in menswear – because it’s awesome.


  1. This is my favourite trend especially heading into winter. I bought the most amazing fitted denim shirt today that looks like menswear although it probably isn’t.

  2. I am addicted to your blog, visit it daily!
    its pretty much perfect.


  3. Aaaaaaahhhh hahaha I can’t even believe this. Do you know that for the last couple of months I’ve been meaning to start a tumblr called, yep, Wear the Pants?? I even locked down the url: wowsertrousers.tumblr.com. Same idea, ladies lookin’ cool in pants. I snooze I lose I guess! Except of course I also win, because now I can just follow you and you can do all the hard work instead :n )

  4. I’ve been wearing the pants every day this week! It’s my uniform now.

    I do love that scene from Manhattan. I actually like Manhattan more than Annie Hall, well actually it goes back and forth. But my all time favorite is Love and Death. Have you seen it?

    Have a lovely weekend xoxo

  5. Man, so good. I just used your tumblr to avoid work for a few minutes, and it was more than worth it.

  6. Hello from another fellow menswear-on-women Tumblog! I’m an instant fan and will be queuing some of the images from yours into mine. :) We should all start a pact!

    Change is in the air.

  7. yes, yes! i am currently sitting at the cafe wearing my 1950’s womens military high waisted trousers with a tucked in white button up and some mary janes, oh and of course the red lipstick. my favourite to wear, these trousers.

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