i went to bread & wine this past weekend, the beautiful restaurant at moreson wine farm in franschhoek. this place is heaven for me –  99% due to their homemade charcuterie. i am a sucker for some cured meat. but i’m not going to talk about the delicious mozzarella & tomato salad (with crystalized basil leaf, mind you) or the amazing setting that makes this place such a winner. no, indeed. they are also home to the exotic plant company which tempted me with so many different kinds of awesomely alien looking orchids i almost couldn’t stand it. my flatmate jessica, whose birthday we were celebrating, says that they are actually pretty easy to take care of – if you know what you’re doing… i distinctly don’t know what i’m doing, so i didn’t end up walking home with an orchid. but i took a lot of photos.

which reminds me, my new succulents are doing okay and have made the flat look so much more appealing. i had a mini freakout a while ago because the little beasts looked like they were dying on me, but then a ton of helpful people on twitter advised that they should be ignored and basically not watered. well, if you say so!


  1. The best thing about orchids is that the blooms last so much longer than most other flowers… Lovely photos!

  2. Beautiful beautiful beautiful. Someone gave me an orchid as a housewarming gift and I promptly killed it in one month.

  3. This is my paradise – two of my favorite types of flowers together in one post – orchids and calla lilies. :) I want to try new sorts of orchids as so far I’ve owned only phalaeonopsis. And, yes, orchids are really low maintenance (with few exceptions). And they bloom all the time!

  4. i LOVE orchids and exotic plants like these. and i love the deep reds and greens in these gorgeous pictures – especially that first one! i always seem to love “darker” plants/flowers best, “darker” as in color but also as in looking a little wicked, like they could come alive and eat you :P

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