i’ve been trying to get my inbox organised (which, as everyone besides the obsessively organised know, is a task). there are many emails in my ‘starred’ folder from myself to myself reminding me of things, websites, interesting stuff i’ve come across… an inbox bookmarks folder if you will. i decided to clean it up and do some much needed deleting, which is when i found a reminder from over a year ago to post about photographer Ginger Odes. no time like the present.

Born in Cape Town in 1924, Ginger’s career was rooted in the air force as a reconnaissance and aerial photographer during World War II. After the war, he returned home to set up a photographic studio in Parliament Street, Cape Town … He soon made a name for himself for his work in fashion for clients including Harper and Vogue, who published a South African edition at the time.

read more about Ginger Odes here. images courtesy of Gallery F and PapaSA.


  1. he is incredible!!!
    i went to school for photography and never came across his work. such a gift to see such an amazing photographer.
    thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh good job you. Remember when I asked about pictures of people of color, from the past and you had mentioned that they’re hard to come across? I would agree, they definitely are (I have tried myself), but these are nice. I like the little boy leaning against the car.

  3. ahhhh! So glad you found this! what amazing photographs. I love the woman with the flowers! her blazer is unreal. Oh thank you so much for finding this.

  4. ha, i must be obsessively organized (as if i didn’t already know…) because i never have to clean out my inbox! but i do email myself all the time :P

  5. These photos are great. I drove around Glenwood the other day. I like to classify it as old Durban. It was one of the first neighbourhoods in Durban, so a large portion of the homes are among Durban’s first. Had an amazing day exploring!

  6. I don’t know a whole bunch about early 20thC South Africa. It’s really nice to see these. :) It’s sort of funny how even though I’m from New Zealand I feel a small connection to SA because we have such a growing SA population here and I know several people who are either from SA or have lived there (my sister-in-law being one).

  7. Thanks for posting these! Wow. I’m always interested in anything historical and photographically orientated and then you add my favourite city into the mix and it’s perfect.

  8. This is a collection of photographic gems! I love seeing Cape Town through the vintage lens of the fifties. Thanks for sharing these.

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