i’ve been a reader of jessica’s blog the shiny squirrel for ages now. i tried to think back to how i discovered her… but my memory fails me, as per usual. in fact – jessica’s succint style of posting was the inspiration behind my these things posts. i’m constantly reblogging & tumblr’ing her finds as she shares such great things on a daily basis.

things i like right now by jessica of the shiny squirrel

  1. Fleabags’ Rugby bag
  2. You and Me, The Royal We – Map of the World
  3. This Hair
  4. Persian Rug
  5. This chair
  6. Color Block Style


  1. I love the hairdo in the third picture, my best friend’s mom used to make it like this for us when we were 10 :)

  2. Excellent hairstyle numer three:)

    I love your blog and assortment of photogaraphs!
    You have the eye and you are wonderful…


  3. The only thing missing between me and that wonderful braided hair-do, longer arms and eyes in the neck. Great collection!

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