it’s mother’s day here on sunday. my mom is on a photography trip on the other side of the world where she will be gallivanting through the english countryside, so there will be no chance for me to lavish her with flowers and cups of tea. my mom doesn’t like eating sweet things – so no cake for mother’s day (i did not inherit that trait unfortunately.) we’ve recently had to overcome some difficulties as a family so mother’s day feels very significant to me this year. i feel that way more and more each day with my family.

so if there’s any chance she checks my blog while she’s away – love you mamma, dearest.

how fucking cool is my mom.


  1. These are great. I love her outfit in the second photo—beautiful.

    Funny, I just posted the same type of post on my blog; cool photos of my Mom from back in the day.

  2. your mum is way too cool for me. heck, my mum is way too cool for me. your mum and my mum should be friends (they have the same nose shape, how sweet).

    happy mother’s day to your mum, and mine :)


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