i’ve posted about mariam sitchinava before, and she proves to be a consistent favourite every time i check in and see her new work. some of her latest stuff is too good not to share – here are some of my favourites (tough to choose). i really love the work she did for sessun / urban outfitters, see more of that here.

all by mariam sitchinava


  1. Beautiful photographs! I like the first and second in particular but you’re right; it is hard to choose favorites!

  2. I’ve posted this before – they’re wonderful, aren’t they? I really love her work xx

  3. these are great! thanks! I always wonder who the photographers of Urban Outfitters or Anthropology catalogues are They are always so stunning! I have been reading your blog daily btw! Its an amazing inspiration.

  4. I just wrote a post about her, a couple of weeks ago, she’s an absolute favourite of mine!

  5. Hi ‘Diana, who likes to share rad things’! My name is Dianna, and I appreciate the rad things you share!

    I am very much drawn to your aesthetic (maybe because it differs enough from my own that it entices me that much more); I appreciate the tonal qualities you are drawn to, and the diversity of what you pass along. Thanks for the aesthetic loving!

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