michael wells is a photographer whose portfolio spans from interiors to portraiture to landscapes to cityscapes to other interesting work like the border projects… i got lost in it for quite a while, i tell you. i am particularly drawn to his interior shots that are so richly hued, and the same can be said for his portraits which are also magnificent. go have a browse.


  1. It’s so unusual to a photographer who is so talented with both interiors and portraits. Beautiful!

  2. Hey!

    I really love your entire blog – so many things that are exactly my taste but you would not come across on a typical style type blog – yours is different!

    thank you, I will be following from now on!

    check out my blog/tumblr/twitter etc… I think you will like too :):)


  3. This interior is absolutely beautiful! Loving the rocks between the two room… great angles… great shots. love this.


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