just some lofty ideas and daydreams i’ve been having about my sad little wardrobe.

– la garconne lookbook

– vogue paris

charles anastase & a.p.c.

– la garconne lookbook

hansel from basel socks

pepper & chips + street peeper

– junya watanabe chinos & wood wood sadie pants

youneak & vanessa jackman

rittenhouse tops

– clockwise from top left: dakota loafer ; elma neat cutout flat ; jaguar loafers ; loafer heel

various collages from magazine cutouts by my pal amy


  1. Want everything! I wish I had the body type to look good in men’s style trousers. Being rather curvy just doesn’t suit it so much. :(

  2. I dig! I’ve been revitalizing my wardrobe lately as well. I was in search of silk shirts like you have pictured and I’ve found great ones at nice consignment stores, old ladies give them away in droves!

  3. lovely! la garconne often induces wardrobe daydreams for me too :) love all the pictures in this post and the color palette as well. so happy i found your blog!

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