oh boy am i a sucker for a well curated (online) shop. 11th Moon hits all the right notes… and makes my heart beat a little bit faster than it should. they have an enviable list of designers in their inventory & beautiful styling to boot.

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  1. OMG I want it all. I was going to pick favs, but I don’t think I can.
    My wardrobe should be like this.

  2. Gorgeous. All that lace, and none of it looking cheap or flimsy…and the color stories…<3

    Loving your blog lately. So many posts, and all of them so good! Hurrah!

  3. Everything is so perfectly cut and well thought out (well curated I guess!). The long white jumpsuit/dress (?) is particularly beautiful and I love the shoes second up on the left (I think they are those amazing Vena Cava x Tenoversix turquoisey clogs).

  4. Holy crap, I want EVERYTHING! well curated, indeed! If i could only choose one it would have to be the cream dress with orange flowers, so sweet!

  5. Oh my I love that dress with the yellow flowers! As if I didn’t have enough clothing websites to covet.

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