i’ve spoken about the fact that i love white walls & have never ventured into colour territory when it comes to the walls in my home. right now i’m living with a carefully pale green in the flat i’m renting, which i loathe. more and more i’ve come to realise that i deliberately make my bedroom as dark as i can – with the help of a handy block out blind (thanks landlord) and curtains that are usually always drawn. since i spend most of my time in the bedroom in the evenings, i like it to be dark, warm and cosy – not light and bright enough that i can tweeze my eyebrows or perform surgery (as you do).

the thought of painting an entire wall in a deep dark navy or a warm grey is simultaneously tempting and scary.

– via brides.com

– via airspaces

– via designsponge + emmas designblogg

– via moodboard

– via ideas to steal + emmas designblogg

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– via interiors porn + apartment therapy

– via sfgirlbay + pitch design union

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  1. The last photo of the bedroom from Sfgirlbay is mindblowing. I still like white walls though :P

  2. Im going to build a little “house” inside our living room for us to sleep in since we live in a very small apartment with too few rooms – my plan is to paint it very dark – maybe black – on the inside since its going to be so small, there is no idea in trying to fake “space”. Its going to be like a cozy cave instead. This is a big step for someone like me with all white walls

  3. These are stunning but I don’t know if I’d have the guts although I completely understand where you’re coming from with the cozy bedroom.

  4. I’ve always loved the look, especially jet black, glossy walls in smaller spaces like a powder room, office, etc. Happy Monday, lady. Here’s hoping you’ll be free from the pale green soon! xo Lola

  5. our house is currently all white. i convinced my fiancé that we should dabble in a bit of colour about a year ago but we have yet to buy a can of paint. it’s part laziness too, buy it really is terrifying committing to another colour. love the brides.com reference a lot.

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