i did an awesome little project with Modcloth which is on their blog today. Erin from Calivintage approached me about doing a colour comparisons post for them  (lucky gal works for Modcloth you see) and she came up with the best idea to put together some fantasy outfits from their inventory and pair them with paintings. not only that, but they’d actually style my choice outfits and photograph them. WHOA! was my exact reaction. then i actually saw the end result and i might have said something like, “HELLS BELLS!” (probably ruder than that actually, but i try to be a lady on this here blog.)

please go check out the post here to see the details of all the oufits & art – and much thanks goes to ModCloth!

ModCloth & Miss Moss

ModCloth & Miss Moss

ModCloth & Miss Moss

ModCloth & Miss Moss

ps: they ship to south africa… wink wink.


  1. i cannot tell you how happy i am to have had the honor of working with you on this project and i am so glad that it turned out so well! you are incredible, diana!

  2. My two favourite things in one perfect little post. What possibly can get better than this?

  3. This is incredible!

    (I’ve been a subscriber to your blog for a while now and this is probably my first comment. I’ve recently been severely culling my blog subscriptions and this blog is emerging as a clear favorite.)

  4. That must’ve been so fun to work on. You did a fantastic job, of course! Now your spoiled with outfit roundups–they’ll never be the same. Ha!

  5. Huge congrats my dear. So fab to see your fabulous series go retail! Your picks are spot on. PS – do you happen to do website design at all? I’m looking for someone interested in renovating Apartment 34 and I do not have the necessary skills!

  6. i love love love mod cloth – i wish that they were in south africa – just bit expensive getting shipped from over the seas :(

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