imagine being dip-dyed in a pool of colour.

– the above were taken in Taupo, New Zealand by Stevie Peerenboom

– taken at the Krafla Volcano, Iceland by Mark Lukoyanichev

– taken at Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park by Robby Edwards

– taken in Askja, Iceland by John Freeman

– taken in Yellowstone National Park by Sandra Kreuzinger

– taken at the Dallol Hot Springs, Ethiopia by PhotoVolcanica


  1. Yellowstone is on my list if/when I go to America.
    I don’t need to see a skyscraper – just this awesomeness, hell yes.

  2. what fabulous colours nature gives us. The Blue Lake is in South Australia, so what’s so unusual about a lake that’s blue? It’s the intensity of the colour particularly when you fly over and everything else is a lush deep green…beautiful

  3. Wow, truly breathtaking.
    The second Yellowstone one is my favourite.
    I just added a new state to my list.

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  5. The top one is in Rotorua, not Taupo! I was there in April. We walked around a corner and my boyfriend and 10 year old brother both FLIPPED OUT and started screaming ITS BRIGHT GREEN! ITS BRIGHT GREEN! Boyfriend has a photo on his phone he cracks out every now and then and starts shouting ITS BRIGHT GREEN! LOOK AT IT! LOOOOOK AAATTT ITTTTT!! Somehow it didn’t come out so green in my photos

    Amazing. I’m pinning everyone of these bad boys. !

  6. Such a beautiful collection of amazing pictures!!
    Isn’t nature just the most awesome thing out there?? :)

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