this is almost like a mini these things i guess – because i QUICKLY want to show you some rad stuff!

ps: be sure to visit tomorrow… i have a gift for you.

– morning has broken, mr. coffee has spoken by Simon Ålander

sweet packaging at selfridges

– lately all i can think about is grilled cheese sandwiches and soup. winter is so evil that way.

– have my eye on this blazer from ASOS

LIFE magazine has a tumblr!

– these paintings by Yago Hortal

lisa congdon studio visit at my love for you

rosegolden posters by erin and anabela

really nice sunglasses by super

this girl looking like a dandy, photographed by vanessa jackman


  1. YUM! It’s not even winter here and that grilled cheese and soup looks DELICIOUS!!!

  2. Love these 10. Coffee is my all time love and I crave soup even though it’s summer. I plan to make some corn chowder. The last photo is fabulous, love her style.

  3. Love the blazer! Even though we’re in the middle of scorching summer here, I still crave that sandwich and soup mmm.
    It’s Yago Hortal btw, not Yagi ;)

  4. This is the second time in the last couple of weeks that you have posted about cheese and made me hungry. :p I’m in New Zealand, so it’s winter here too, and grilled cheese is one of the best wintery foods I reckon. Delish!

  5. Thanks for the grilled cheese shout-out, Miss Moss! I love that coffee print a little too much… might have to splurge on yet another piece of houseware…

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