Giuseppe Savini’s flickr bio says, “I search and I buy old photos … I can not stop” (roughly google translated from Italian). his collection of vintage photos is pretty remarkable… so please don’t ever stop, Giuseppe.


  1. Dear Diana,

    … thank YOU for finding & sharing these photographical treasures!
    I am intrigued… to say the least!

    Ah, your blog is a gem and so please, don’t YOU ever stop!

  2. Oh my goodness, these are amazing. I can’t wait to show them to my mother who is visiting Italy right now. She will die when she sees the women!

  3. Edgardo de la Vega Reply

    Interesting images. Their interestingly aggressive countenance is quite Semitic from North African and Middle-Eastern peoples. Historically, these people reflect the citizenship given to all of ancient Rome’s imperial possessions (i.e. Libya, Morocco, Egypt, Arabia etc.).

    Therefore, it is quite amazing to see such Semitic/African traits preserved within the faces. A great presentation.

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