you may have noticed that it’s the beginning of the month and there is still no new music mix. i’ve decided to put them on the back burner for a little while. mostly because i’ve had no real inspiration for a new one lately and don’t want to just pull something out of thin air, but also because i am feeling kind of conflicted about sharing them to be honest*. i don’t know if this is the end of the music mixes… it probably isn’t because i enjoy making the cover art way too much and i also love sharing good music with everyone. you can still download all the old ones if you haven’t already.

ANYWAY – here’s a these things which might take the sting out of that piece of news.

i finally got my hands on the latest The Gentlewoman and it is so, so good. honestly the best magazine i have seen in a while. i particularly LOVED the editorial about dancing – couldn’t take my eyes off it. the piece about sarah of colette was a really interesting read, too. ah man… can’t pick a favourite. just go out and get it if you haven’t already.

have you guys been watching game of thrones? seriously… watch game of thrones. peter dinklage is my favourite.

i went fantasy home shopping in what i like to call the black hole of Bukowski’s auction house. it’s pretty tough for me to exit said black hole after i go down it. holy man, it is fun though.

above: chairframechandeliersofa

above: david hockney – gregory / carpet

above: bookcase / chest of drawers / dishsideboard

above: carpet / david hockney – black tulips

these infrared photographs of eastern congo by richard mosse made my jaw drop – via les yeux sans visage

erdem resort 2012 collection

very much in favour of this big wooden wall in this rad apartment in brooklyn. i don’t know why people paint over wood or want to cover it up, especially in houses from the seventies. more wood, i say!

speaking of wood, can’t believe these clogs haven’t been snapped up yet. lauren finds the best things.

completely enamoured by these maxi skirts (actually the entire collection) by J J.S Lee via style bubble

this photo of jack nicholson from life magazine

the wedding party by aron wiesenfeld (instantly made me think of the road, which haunts me to this day)

check out these blade runner polaroids at wolf eyebrows

i liked thakoon’s bag for this vogue weekend getaway feature captured by the coveteur

i would wear the shit out of this spider scarf by klaus haapaniemi

a swing on the pavement? genius! captured by chloe louise mayne

i’ve been thinking about my room / house / living area a lot lately. i’d love a dark corner like this.

here’s a really nice collection of classic hollywood photos – many of which i hadn’t seen before (thanks katie)

oh to be here right now

* a reader asked me recently whether the music mixes were “legal” (…..) ← that’s the sound of me mulling that question over. i’d like to think that sharing musics from amazing artists would encourage people to go out, buy their albums, see their shows and wear their t-shirts. but that question still has me mulling, though.


  1. I just though I’d let you know how much I appreciate your mixes– I’ve discovered so many of my favourite songs through them! Not to mention the fact that you really did solidify my love for the music of Paul Simon… Don’t feel rushed into making the next mix, but do know that you have a wonderful, awesome thing going with them.

    This post was beautiful, by the way.

  2. I have been reading the magazine too and it really is a treasure. Unlike anything I have read or seen before…it is just honest.

  3. Thanks for the many distractions…. BUT, it still isn’t good enough to make us forget about the music. WHY? Because adding the music is a different dimension for your readers, instead of just a 2D visual stimulation (as beautiful and profound as they are) we can listen to your mixes, close our eyes and memorize your shared imagery with a soundtrack in our minds.

    The two just go hand in hand.

    So, today I offer you my recently found musical inspiration, Loni Rose out of Tennessee who is boldly funding her new album by offering up her talent, dreams and even her skin! to put forth her brilliant voice and equally as brilliant lyrics on PledgeMusic.

    If you think the same I encourage you to listen to “Bitches Unite” and dance and laugh and play and STIR up those muse-ings that might evade you now but can NEVER BRING YOUR UNDENIABLE AWESOMENESS DOWN!

  4. Hey Miss Moss. I can understand lack of inspiration all too well. But I am curious, why do you feel conflicted about sharing your mixes?

  5. Hello Diana, greetings from Portugal!

    Need to say that you are brilliant on what you do in your site!
    You are my favorite tastemaker around the web and can’t get enough of your posts.

    Cheers and many thanks!


  6. Holy crap, that chest of drawers from the Bukowski auction is beautiful. I only managed to download your mixes last week (thanks to my crappy New Zealand bandwidth) and I’ve been playing them on repeat at work all week, they’re perfect. My favourite song might be the remix of Nico’s These Days, such an amazing tune to begin with… Thanks for sharing them.

  7. I too had briefly wondered about whether you were *allowed* to share them, but I quickly put it to the back of my mind because they’ve all just been so damn good. I’ve been lazy about finding new music for myself recently and so have been playing your mixes on repeat for weeks! Thanks for introducing some new and some long forgotten tunes to me. I’d like to say ‘keep it up’, but just do as you have to do.

    And generally, your blog is superb. One of the best.

    Happy weekend.

  8. I too, must share my adoration of your mixes. Would hate to force you to make one when you weren’t feeling it of course, but they do exactly what you suggested…I listen, fall in love and inevitably end up buying at least one album from each! One day I’ll have such a great collection nothing you put into a mix will be new to me anymore…ha! Imagine!
    Of course, am intrigued by the magazine instead, so will undoubtedly end up with a purchase

    lots of love,


  9. If you dont share them…(those mixes of yours)…atleast crank them up and enjoy them. Inspiration…. if you call it, it will come!

    Thank you for the visual tonic. So very much enjoyed.

  10. Dear Miss Moss, how do you make everything look so lovely? I hadn’t downloaded any of your mixes yet. I was always occupied by the visuals. There’s no lack of abundance in those alone. But if you stop I can imagine they will be sorely missed.

  11. I just wanted to chime in my two cents on the music mixes. It’s because they are mixes that I think they are perfectly legit. We all made mix tapes back in the day. It’s each individual’s way of understanding and feeling the music, and making it their own. In the digital age, these downloads are how we now share these mix tapes. I think it’s a wonderful way to discover new music. And thanks to you, I have.

  12. great collection of images. I love the old Hollywood photos, and I want to check out The Gentlewoman! It looks awesome.

  13. love your mixes! and everything on your post today… the gentlewoman looks great! though has a total retro vibe/color palette to it.

  14. There are countless music blogs that offer mp3s and mixes to their readers. These blogs typically include a disclaimer, such as: “All mp3s provided are for promotional purposes only. If you have any complaints about your music being posted, streamed, and/or made available for download, please contact us, and it will be removed. If you don’t have any complaints, please enjoy the free advertising to hundreds of thousands of fans every month.”

    Perhaps something like this will do? It’s not like you are selling the mixes…

    Keep ’em coming, please. xo.

  15. I too am one of the many people that would miss your mixes. Your taste in music is impeccable. I won’t ask you to not stop because the are potential legal issues in the mix, but I just want to say that I really enjoy your playlists as well as your cover art.

  16. Hello Diana,

    I discovered your blog lately and adore it !! Your mixes are on my playlist all the time and I’m telling my friends that how wonderful your mixes are and represents my music taste!!

    lots of love from France,

    p.s. jack nicholson photo is amazing! thanks for sharing!

  17. I totally understand your battle with the music sharing/legality etc. But… I have brought 3 Blitzen Trapper albums after downloading one of your mixes…. i say keep making them, if you enjoy it and feel that it is the right thing to do! viva la vinyl :)

  18. well you should definitley keep doing those music mixes!
    1 it’s an amzing way to discover new music and if I like it, I buy cd’s
    2 the cover art is so amazing that I print it out and becomes my wall decoration :)

  19. ditto on the more wood. doing some research on how to create a floating wooden sleeping box. thank you for sharing yourself with the music, those mixes were a labour of love. the album art belongs in a series of frames.

  20. just thought I’d say that your blog has totally replaced all my other regulars- everything you post is amazing! and I love love the music mixes, please don’t stop, you’ve reinspired me as I was tired of all my own music!

  21. i have bought albums because of your mixes. please don’t stop making them! they’re so great for discovering new artists.

  22. thanks to everyone for your wonderful comments & kind words! as i said i don’t think this is the end of the music mixes, just need to give them a breather so that i can come back with fresh material…

    i’m also happy to know that so many of you go out and buy the albums of the artists whose music is sampled in the mixes, that gives me great peace of mind.

  23. i just wanted to de-lurk to say that your blog is my favorite corner of the internet, and your mixes are my favorite of all. I put them on my iphone and listen to them at work and they have brought me to lots of new music- to bands i will buy records from and pay to see live- and back to many old favorites. I do hope you bring them back! and thank you, sincerely, for making such a lovely place to stop and look at beautiful things.


  24. So many beautiful things here to digest. Still letting it all marinate. Love the spider scarf and “I’d wear the shit out of it” made me smile. Also, I got your back on the music mixes. Good shizz are meant for sharing!

  25. lyrebirdgully Reply

    When I saw the last photo in this group (the mountainscape),I was struck by how much it reminded me of my father in his young days in the bush, and the mountains near my home. Surprise, surprise,(thanks for linking to Flickr site of origin) these are the very same Blue Mountains about 3 hours from where I live. BTW, the author’s other photos are beautiful too; mostly locations that I know and from the era I grew up in. Thank you! all your pics are interesting; I do love looking at your blog.

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