these things issue no.14 – perhaps if i add an “issue” it will sound more fancy.

i might have reached the height of internet loserdom when i created yet another tumblr. this time it’s in order to bookmark interior inspiration. i’ve realised that tumblr is basically my version of pinterest (a site i could never get into, weirdly enough). so, take a gander at home is where the couch is if you want to look at rad interiors.

speaking of tumblrs, my main inspiration tumblr was listed as one of the top 5 tumblrs by Rich Tong (their fashion director) in Net-A-Porter’s Blog Power List. my jaw dropped to the floor, guys. what an honour – thank you Rich! and thanks to everyone for their encouraging tweets and emails of congratulations.

next to garance doré… what’s that all about!

jen / honey kennedy finds the most amazing fashion stories, seriously. the f/w lookbook for keller = golden.

jess made a dark & wonderful ale & beef pie based on this post. it was DELICIOUS (and perfect for winter)

this vogue cover of sofia coppola via kate

matt’s northwesterner range of bags (he blogged about it here) – the grey or the olive? ack! can’t choose.

katrin’s gorgeous postcard painting of flamboyant trees in harare

this pooch! oooooh man. cuddles please. photo by luke beard. nice name, beard.

awesome people hanging out together:

the lumiere brothers

the internet seriously has to stop taunting me with perfect bangs. i shan’t cut my hair, i shan’t cut my hair. photo by Martijn Savenije (the same clever fellow behind cats in bars)

… and then the internet makes up for it by showing me perfect non-bangs hair – photo by katrin braga

i’m glad so many of you enjoyed the pools of colour post. well, i’ve discovered even more pools of radness

grand prismatic spring:

morning glory pool:

this lady holding a giant potato

really enjoyed ‘browsing through’ this 1975 edition of vogue

kristina’s brilliant “american apparel mermaid” made me chuckle

backyard bill photographed this cool amsterdam local (noticed the checked shirt)

this garden

the ALL knitwear range is too damn cute. via banana meet-cute

another vintage cowgirl for everyone’s collection

nancy straughan’s range via where the lovely things are (mallory also always finds the best things)

drunk ron swanson – hahahaaaaa. thanks mallix.

and, the absolute cherry on top, a video that gave me so much joy on friday that i practically danced into the weekend. discovered with much thanks to anna of doorsixteen


(play that video & then watch ron swanson also dancing to Vogue – haaahahahaaa)


  1. You pack so much into one little “issue” it’s out-of-this-world awesome. P.S. I’m convinced that darling boy from the video is my friend Beau in his younger years! xo Lola

  2. lady holding a giant potato, awesome. drunk ron swanson, hilarious. madonna dance video, brilliant. thanks for the laughs!

  3. Thank you, Diana! I’m transhemispherically knocking topknots right now… sorry if I woke you up. xx

  4. Ron Swanson dancing to Vogue….

    *sigh* I just want to hug him all over.

  5. I’m with you, I couldn’t get into Pinterest! I like Tumblr’s interface so much more for keeping track of things you like. And there’s nothing better than the Archive link…

  6. the perfect collection to lead me into a weekend. The video is priceless. I may watch it once an hour. xo

  7. just so you know, I fully expect to see you mentioned in Vogue one day. You think I’m kidding, but I’m not.

    gosh, I miss a week online, and I miss a heck of a lot here! I’m about to go through your posts one by one.

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