i haven’t done my own things i like right now in a long, long time! still enjoy this series. here goes…

1. deus ex machina motorbike posters

2. two tone jerseys by boy by band of outsiders

3. edible estates by fritz haeg

If we see that our neighbor’s typical lawn instead can be a beautiful food garden, perhaps we begin to look at the city around us with new eyes … No matter what has been handed to us, each of us should be given license to be an active part in the creation of the cities that we share, and in the process, our private land can be a public model for the world in which we would like to live.

4. portobello mushroom burger

5. kids breakdancing to classical music

6. crane cushion by klaus haapaniemi

7. mociun at totokaelo

8. ladies in menswear at the paris shows shot by streetfsn

9. fun – a new song by dent may


  1. I am loving your likes right now. You have excellent taste and your posts encourage me to branch out an discover new things. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Totally digging those two tone jerseys, and that blue blazer! Might have something to do with that fact that it’s freezing in Cape town today…

  3. Ah, I saw those Boy Band of Outsiders shirts on La Garçonne yesterday – so beautiful~ Great selections!

  4. Love the Boy by Band of Outsiders jerseys! And the Portobello mushroom burgers look sooo delish!
    Actually I love everything in this post!
    Keep it going!

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