Isabella Connelley is a very talented young (and i mean young) photographer.

i’m sixteen and i live in sydney australia. I started taking photos when I was offered dark room photography at school and ever since I have been in love with photography of all kinds. I love how images can take you to a different world how they can make you feel different emotions.

all photographs by Isabella Connelley


  1. What’s with the recent influx of 16 year old photographers?! These are gorgeous from photographers of any age, let alone 16.

  2. Wow… It’s always inspiring to see someone that young whose work is already so accomplished.

  3. You are an amazing young aspiring photographer you have great talent keep working.

  4. Lara Husselbee Reply

    She is my cousin, isn’t she incredible!! Most of her subjects are either her younger sisters or friends. Its been really cool to see a group inspired in art and Bella and her camera is a massive tribute to this!! Thanks for blogging about her

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