you really must check out Other People’s Houses – a photographic project conceived and curated by Victoria Hannan featuring some of my favourite internet people including Kate, Anabela, Kristina, Brian and Michelle

In this revealing collaboration, participants of last year’s 1010 project reunite to explore feelings of displacement, intimacy and voyeurism through photographs of the places they choose to live.

please click on the images to be taken to the relevant photographer’s page…

all images courtesy of Other People’s Houses


  1. Ha~~check your blog everyday~~
    Today,,,haha ,i find a book in the 5th photo,i have same one,ha
    Ok,,,,just this ,,,follow your blog everyday~~

  2. Wow, this project is amazing. Almost a simple concept, but each photographer is so expressive and unique that it makes it incredibly meaningful. Thanks for sharing~ I’m combing through the website right now and enjoying every minute of it :)

  3. I love all the book i’ve seen, I’ve got half of them..the best “THE ART OF LOOKING SIDEWAYS” by Alan Fletcher my “design bible”.
    I havent’s seen any books about Bruno Munari, the 900 maestro..for me.

    have a nice day

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