A Dacha is a place in the countryside where Russians like to spend holidays, especially in summer. Most houses are small and wooden, usually with a garden at the back where people grow vegetables. It’s common for many families to send their children to the Dacha for the whole summer.

an editorial from the latest issue of Vrag Magazine. photographs by Masha Mel and styled by Tess Yopp.


  1. I’d like to spend a whole summer in a dacha!

    She is gloriously sulky looking – put her next to the Carven resort 2012 model and they would be like two peas in a pod. You think she’d be more happy lazing around in a dacha.

  2. I like it! I’m not Russian but had to learn Russian for seven years in school.
    Some bits here remind me of my childhood… the cheap lace curtains, like the yellow one covering the sofa… the colorful plastic strips covering the door… or the real ragrug… we never had any of these things but my grandma had all of them! :) :) :) and of course we always loved hangin’ out at our grandparents’. :)


  3. As a russian i must say, that dachas now are usually pretty big houses. What they’re showing here is an actual village house. IT is beautiful though

  4. This is absolutely incredible. Thank you for sharing. I loved the recent article in Food and Wine too about the Dachas. Amazing!!

  5. Beautiful! I especially love the sandals and the prints! To spend a Summer in a Dacha seems quite perfect!

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