The 1970s is a set of photographs by spysgrandson. click on the pics to be taken to the original photo.

friends, May 1972, El Paso desert. Annette the cussing poet and Bob the voice of the opera–taken with Polariod Land Camera

long haired leaping gnomes, sand dune, 1971, east of El Paso. Paul, the Zen wine salesman, Annette, the cussing poet, and Bob the voice of the opera–and of course there are stories behind each of these titles

trust, on the Mekong, Vietnam, 1970

1971, a smile for a lonely soldier. while I was in Vietnam, my buddy (who was in ‘nam with me) had a sis who sent me letters and pictures to cheer me up–did a good job–mail call was a big deal, especially when it came with a picture of a sweet Cailfornia girl

“you won’t get him to go any faster by talking to him…” just before being drafted, my bud from Vietnam, hanging with unknown cow rider–this was taken early 1971 in the pasture behind his Yorba Linda suburban home–it is no doubt all California suburbia now

The “Hair Days”. Camping in the Davis Mountains, spysgrandson at 23 in August, 1975

tres amigos en El Paso, hippie wedding day, 1975

sprouts and pines. my friend, Dan, hair in ponytail, eating a sprout sandwich in the Sierra Nevada in 1976–the sandwich was on whole wheat–I knew that was important to some of you

the conversation, courtesy of the old Canon F-1. with friends, August, 1976–this beach is at Bodega Bay, the site where Hitchcock’s “The Birds” was filmed a dozen years before–love the clarity of this image taken with the Canon F-1 back in the days before digital.

On top. Organ Mountains, southern New Mexico, 1974, spysgrandson with friends

mysticos in the Sierra Nevada 2, 1976. I found my slides and had them converted into a CD–this pic was previously posted after being scanned from very small original–the 3 men in this photo are the “Tres Amigos” in a photo in my hippie set–this is a year later than the Tres Amigos photo–I had cut my hair to be “establishment”—if that term in that context is strange to you, you will be around long after I am gone–peace

French beauty in the Land of Oblivion. I don’t remember her name (it was 37 years ago)… I only know my friend had a thing for her and she climbed well–she made it to the top of one of the peaks in the Organ Mountains in New Mexico (and she looked much better in real life than in 2D)

desert dwellers, happy hippies hiking. in the Organ Mountains in New Mexico–1970s

all photographs by spysgrandson


  1. I think it’s hilarious that people wanted to live in the 70s. I guess I should be glad that I did. But it was a very difficult time…very much like now (recession, war, etc.) We were cooler than kids today, though. We were. Less emphasis on material stuff. But we had our weirdness too. Thanks for these pics.

  2. spysgrandson (jim) Reply

    I don’t know how you came across my photostream and images of the 70s, but I appreciate you posting them here–looks like they have been viewed and enjoyed by many–thanks mucho Miss Moss

  3. oh dear, that hippie wedding day photo is so tragic – all of fashion’s mistakes put together. And yet, it’s awesome.

  4. I LIVED at the base of the Organ Mountains in Las Cruces N.M. They were my back yard! (in the 70’s) when I was a young girl…I havent seen them in 30 years! Thanks!

  5. I was 13 in 1970 and these pics were us as well! I really thought we were going to change the world, there was no way things could stay the same after us ahahahahaha… good times :)

  6. “tres amigos en El Paso, hippie wedding day, 1975” and “desert dwellers, happy hippies hiking”… sorry, but we weren’t known as hippies, just cool ;)

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