these things issue no.17

Kinfolk Magazine launched last week. it is WOW:

did some guest blogging over at lucky magazine last week on colour. see this post for the items:

can’t stop listening to somebody that i used to know by gotye:

really enjoying this tumblr – brown dress with white dots

Prada Resort 2012:

ACNE Spring 2012 menswear collection… i definitely would:

pictures like this kind of make me want warm weather again…

… and pictures like this don’t (that’s how i usually feel all summer long)

love these shots by thomas pepler:

mini eggs benedict… holy moly:

imagine this was your house…. (and island) – photo by Zanthia:

dog shows cheered me up:

hand coloured bird egg engravings from 1819:

i would like a copy of the latest issue of acne paper please:

lia griesser photographed by backyard bill:

debbie harry, joan jett, duran duran and other rad people photographed by brad elterman:

this picture!

seventies prom photo from the collection of Snapatorium:

hilda has a nice house:

photography by elijah majeski:

pogo books has nice books by cool photographers

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  1. Oh swoon. Honestly, that is how I feel every time I look through a These Things post. I love it!

  2. holy moly! I love your style… your music taste. everything..

    going to try get that kinfolk mag on my ipad – so awesome!

  3. I’m so happy I saw this today. I’m in the middle of a design project and could use some new, totally random influences to make me happy again. Thanks :)

  4. that gotye song GOT ME
    i also CANNOT stop listening! THANK YOU!

  5. I love the new goyte song as well have you seen the film clip it i love that as well!

  6. Seriously, you aced this These Things post (like, every time as always) And I love love that Gotye song too – been playing it over and over since I heard it on Hypem.



  7. Holy hell, those 70’s corsages mean business! Some lovely links, I’m sadly yet to own an Acne Paper (come on, New Zealand!) but I’m looking forward to digging into Brown dress with white dots

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