a pretty hefty edition of these things – this past week (and a bit) i actually bookmarked stuff i had seen & liked instead of relying on my terrible memory to pull my favourite internet things from the depths of my brain.

in the hall with a candlestick: an editorial photographed by alix-rose cowie, styled by kate desmarais with clothes from kate chauncey aka the pessimiss & her rah-rah room

kirsty white’s cover design for perfume –  via design work life

colour autochromes via stay fancy free

building block via my love for you

maurine & noreene – twins through the years via les yeux sans visage / lincoln taft

this cacti filled house

this cake

emily’s rainbow shirts

rachel rose silk tees via the shiny squirrel

the work of kyle bean

always remember: life lessons with lucidity via wit + delight

the work of kate shaw via it’s nice that

rebecca goldschmidt’s house

daureen southwood summer 2011

charlotte linton via the pessimiss

this girl photographed by dam style

apolis global

good night, day

the virgin spring for acne paper via fashion copious

this shop

this video

and lastly, i’m not sure how i missed this – but the Duke Silver Trio has a website

 (if you don’t watch parks & rec… shame on you.)


  1. Fabulous link love! Especially enjoyed – always remember: life lessons with lucidity… such witty, succinct fun!

  2. Oooh, lush! So, as I do with magazines: first a quick flick through, and now I’m going to pour over each little detail! Super lovely finds, thank you

  3. This is a lovely collection of things – I love all of the colourful clothes included in this post and that delicious cake!

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