i did a little dance in my chair when i discovered the Wet Plate Collodion Portraits by Daniel Carrillo. Dan is a photographer and printmaker from Seattle who has taken close to 100 portraits of people in the Seattle area arts community using the wet collodion method – a photographic process which was invented in the mid 19th century. be sure to watch Patrick Wright’s video below to see Dan talking about the project and explaining the process behind these amazing photographs. check out Dan’s Flickr stream and also visit his blog.

all photographs by Daniel Carrillo


  1. Big fat dose of inspiration this morning, thank you! I’ve always wanted to learn this process. I’m just too lazy.

  2. These are absolutely spell-binding and amazing. It’s amazing that you always find such gorgeous things.

  3. dang. I wish he could photograph me! haha. what a magical way to capture the impression of someone’s soul.

  4. These are so great! I’m actually from Seattle and I recognized a lot of people I know while looking through his amazing photos.

  5. It’s funny, two of my friends from Seattle have had their beautiful portraits taken by him and have the photos as their facebook profile pics and they both don’t know each other. Such a small world.

  6. I’m in love!
    I had to come back a couple times to look at these, they’re really amazing! Thank you for turning me on to them.

  7. woah. something about the fifth one down makes my heart skip, it’s beautiful, they all are really

  8. i notice “film photography” in your tags- it should be noted that there is no film involved here at all. what you are looking at is light etched directly onto glass plates!

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