wow, i love these works by photographer alison scarpulla. read an interview with her here & buy her prints too.


  1. aw shucks, i was just going to create my own post with these images! but you beat me to it! i probably still will, but please know i’m not copying you :)

  2. Beautiful! So very dream-like. I assume she layers two photographs together to form some of the images?

  3. ah! ali is my best friend, and I’m the model in a lot of her photos. so glad to see her work on your blog, I’m a big fan.

  4. These are impressive. Her portfolio is truly amazing. There’s a ghostly quality to a lot of her photos, almost mystic.

  5. Wow I love her work! Thank you so much for making this post and introducing me to her stuff! It’s amazing. I’m obsessed haha. xx

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