thank you all for your wonderful response to the Rewardrobe post! it made me feel a bit better about getting too “covety” around here (want want want / need need need). i suppose i wouldn’t actually spend diamond money on designer clothing… i’d probably pay my rent first. but i can’t make a let’s get excited about paying the rent collage, so let’s leave it at that. the truth is that i could have made that list about three times longer in a heartbeat – which is where the next bit of news comes in.

i decided to try out Pinterest again. i had previously signed up when the site first started but never really got into it and closed my account in an attempt to cut down on my social media / bookmarking addiction. psh. i’m actually laughing at myself as i type this. what was i thinking! so, if you want to follow me on there please do – but that invitation comes with a warning: you might get irritated with all the pinning that’s going on over there. this is what i did in 1 day:

in other news, i’ll be doing some guest blogging over at hila’s blog in the next week along with jen and anabela. here is my first post outlining summer positives – as hila and i are both allergic to the heat i thought it might be a good idea to convince ourselves that summer is actually okay.

please see the post for all image credits

also in the news vein is a little mention in the new Vodacom magazine. to all my international readers – vodacom is a south african cellular network. pretty nice, since i am actually a vodacom customer. free data, please? also featured in the article are blog pals Vicky from I Want That / I Want That Wedding, JP from Eye Candy and, naturally, Joanna.

click through for a readable size

you may also have noticed that there are some fancy lookin’ rollovers in the sidebar. how about that! i’m just experimenting for now, in lieu of a complete blog redesign (or at least a blog face-lift).

i know things have been a bit thin around here, posting wise. trying to juggle real life, online & offline projects without losing my mind / losing my eyesight to computer screen glare is a bit of a daunting task sometimes. anybody have tips for time management? better yet, how about some tips for overcoming procrastination? that has always been my achilles heel. refer to social bookmarking addiction above.

in non-blog news – just to break this up a bit – be sure to get your hands on the new Beirut and the new Gotye albums. Both are GREAT and have been enjoying repeat plays on my iPod.


  1. pinterest looks awesome! i signed up for an invite in the site, but do you know how long it takes to get it? i tried looking it up, but i couldn’t find any precise answers.

    love your blog!

    have a god day :)

  2. Addictive bookmarking, I’m with you on that one! HAHA!
    I’ve cut down the number of blogs I read, there are too many good ones and I always feel like I’m gonna miss one great thing if I don’t read EVERYTHING and look at everything, but I’m getting a little better. I was thinking of creating a schedule that I’d have to respect (good luck with that!) to avoid or reduce procrastination, a bit like school schedule…
    Pinterest looks great, I’ll have a look (yes, one more thing I’m looking at!)

  3. i too am allergic to heat but your positive summer outline feels & looks so dreamy! you’re almost convincing me that maybe i do enjoy summer! Cheers!

  4. i’m not sure i could love beirut any more than i do. and i rarely find people who know of them… thank you for sharing! i can’t wait to delve into the new album….
    i am fairly new to pinterest, and i’m finding it almost daunting – there’s so much to enjoy… and i can barely get my head around it! i can’t WAIT to see the goodies you have… and it makes me a little less bookmark-scatterbrain (my ADHD thrives on pinterest).
    can’t wait for the guest posts, as i’m loving what you’re doing already!!

  5. You are one prolific lady. I’m always astounded at the quantity of quality work that you come up with and how it always seems like you’re having so much fun. Impressive indeed.

  6. LOL! I pinned over 1,000 things my first day so I TOTALLY understand. It’s definitely an addiction.

  7. I looove pinterest. At first I wasn’t really obsessed with it but it has absolutely grown on me. :9

  8. These posts may seem sporadic to others, but I love when you do a MISC. post with so many random, amazing things. Also, thanks for the heads up on the new Beirut. It’s gorgeous.

  9. I know what you mean about committing to yet another social media addiction. we’ll all benefit from it though, I can feel it. Congrats on your feature too.

  10. Gorgeous post. I seriously need to start paying attention how my posts look instead of just blabbing! I still don’t really know what to do with Pinterest.

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