reassessing my wardrobe right now – in my head, that is. hypothetically. if i were to win the lottery or discovered a giant diamond in my garden… this is what i’d spend that money on.

pieces row by row:

  1. agatha dress / annica dress / eva dress
  2. acne copy cap sleeve tee / a.p.c. denim / aubin & wills breton top
  3. pringle silk blouse / steven alan sydney shirt / etoile isabel marant vanda shirt
  4. asos merlin leather fringe loafers / upcycled leather button wallets / isabel marant earrings / isabel marant bracelet / rachel comey short boot
  5. uniform wares wristwatch / super ilaria sunglassesa.p.c. leather zip pocket / steven alan linwood bucket bag
  6. blue isthmus dress / no shatter what dress / night blooming dress
  7. billy kirk carryall / chapel madras backpack / missibaba workhorse bag
  8. fisherman sweater / flair skirt / coastline-stripe tee
  9. the  clemence woven rope necklace / astrid stud earrings / black diamond ring / polka dot band / garland necklace / apres ski necklace
  10. pecka blouse / betty knit / pamela singlet
  11. canvas mix loafer / leather stud flat sandals / maddison pretty tie brogue / leather gladiator sandal
  12. steve mono romy shoulder bag / alexander wang marion sling bag / logan shoulder tote / steve mono stripe bag
  13. cafe trouser in wool / high-waisted skinny cord / hope news trouser / shillingby trouser ..
  14. marni platform clogs / chloe clog pump
  15. party blazer with bow clip / short pea coat
  16. connie fold dress / confetti dress / colour block pleated dress
  17. steven alan joli bag / swear viennetta 3 shoe / warby parker jasper sunglasses / mona boots


  1. if i played the lottery and won, i’d want everything on your list! :) particularly the watch and linwood bucket bag. thanks for sharing!

  2. I love your style and the fact that you’ve nixed trends would make this investment splurge-worthy… If only:)!

  3. I just peed my pants. I hope you find an extra garden diamond for me! I’ve had my eye on a few of these beauties, too. *sigh*

  4. these are all gorgeous, but the dresses are spectacular! my fav is the topshop color block :)

  5. Such perfection! I am in the exact same place right now; a wardrobe crossroads, if you will. Everything you’ve posted here is striking a deep chord on my heartstrings…pretty, tomboyish, disarmingly simple, with incredible details. *sigh*

    Must learn to shop closet.

  6. You spent a lot of time on this so I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. By the way, last time I played a guy in the next town over won! I was gobsmacked. I hope he spent it well!

  7. Maria João Reply

    Such a great list, and so beautifully arranged :) I want it all…

  8. oh my, all these pieces are wonderful…
    I got a similar high-waisted cord pants from Gorman (a really great Australian brand) and I the watch is so amazing too ( secretly dream of the Max Bill Junghans watch when I find the diamond here in Sydney somewhere) :)

  9. these colors are getting me ready for fall. i love so much of what you posted! thank goodness i already have pieces similar to several things you posted or i’d be a much poorer person in the near future.

  10. oooo yep that’d take a diamond or two… funnily enough, that’s exactly what I was thinking this afternoon… seems only reasonable in a coal-rich area that a diamond in the yard would be likely!

  11. … and what a wardrobe that would be… everything is so fantastically wearable. I particularly like that apres ski necklace (simple and bright!) and the cafe trouser (possibly more than 50% influenced by the images conjured up by the name – they’re a great colour/texture, though).

  12. What an amazing selection!! This reminds me I have to buy my lottery ticket for this week…

    By the way, right now I’m knitting a sweater that looks a lot like the Jcrew fisherman one. Maybe you could learn how to knit too?

  13. Wowzers. You’ve obviously put a lot of time and thought into this. Now if only you could find some buried treasure…

  14. this is too much (goodness)… looooove the watch and clemence necklace. great, there goes my vow not to shop for the rest of the year… :)

  15. YEEES! Perfection. I’d take it all, too. The pringle silk blouse, fisherman sweater and watch, especially. Great job!

  16. Hi there,

    Such beautiful clothes.

    I am from New Zealand and have fallen in love with Monki through you, but…. I can’t seem to find the purchase cart thingy on their website. Do you know where the button is located? Eeep.

    Thank you!

  17. I LOVE the fisherman sweater and the confetti dress! Well, I love everything, but those are my favourites.

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