just an idea i’m playing around with.

Rosy Disposition

Rosy Disposition

Rosy Disposition

Rosy Disposition

image credits from top to bottom:

stockholm street style + pierre auguste renoir – roses from wargemontlachsbroetchenkonstantin korovin – roses in blue jugsvanillascented + henri fantin latour – rosesthe sartorialist + konstantin korovin – roses


  1. So you get that feeling too? I’ve often wanted to live in a painting… all these are beautiful, x

  2. Haha I love the first one, especially because the painting creates a little hat or bow on top of her head, so nice I wish I had one like this :)

  3. you’re amazing.
    no. 3 absolutely the best for me
    somebody should ask you for an editorial with this idea

  4. Had to chime in that it’s a brilliant idea! My favorites are 1 and 3; I like it best when the painting meshes with the background, rather than replaces it.

  5. Those are wicked!!!! What a great development from your already rad pairings. I especially like the 1st & 3rd, where there is a merging between the painting and photo.

    PS I love your blog, it’s a very satisfying and un-boring (i.e. not predictable and always the same like most blogs) diversion throughout the week. :)

  6. beautiful. you have such amazing sense of everything that is lovely and wonderful in this world. thank you.

  7. This is so incredibly rad. I really just think you’re wonderful. Ps. Thanks so very much for the music mix <3 Brightened my day right up.

  8. i’m so crazy about these, especially the third down. the painterly flowers with the feminine clothes and the wall peeking through. it’s delicious.

  9. Bonnie Flame Reply

    Through this post, you’ve proven your abilities in the design world. Amazing stuff. Stay with it, stay with you.

  10. Very striking and creative. Stumbled here from WTF and so glad that I did. Please continue with this series, it’s just fabulous! Van // The Clothes We Wear // Wearing motherhood with style.

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