have been quietly obsessing over this colour scheme for a while. decided to call it sherbert. yes, i know the correct spelling is sherbet – but i pronounce it sherbert. and since i am making up a colour scheme i may as well make up a word, too. it’s somewhere between art deco pink, peach, salmon and dusty rose… i guess it’s all of them combined.

clothing sources:

row 1: boyfriend shirt ; handbag ; top
row 2: chinos ; sandals ; blouse
row 3: t-shirt ; duffel bag ; clogs

photo credits:

row 1: tara ; juan bitar ; rising70 ; mallory dowd
row 2: samantha casolari ; mark weaver ; super bomba
row 3: erin powers ; laurent champoussin.
row 4: xavier encinas ; suzy wimbourne ; sara peixoto ; geraldine nicolo


  1. It’s wonderful when you present your posts in such a highly creative manner. You are amazing!

  2. this is ridiculously beautiful! i love these colours, and the photos you’ve chosen are amazzzing. i get such a calming, hazy vibe from all this!

  3. No way! I have spent a whole lot of years convinced it was sherbert. I can’t imagine saying it any other way!

    This is another amazingly designed layout – I’ve been looking at that a.p.c. shirt and the sandal/clogs quite often over the last week or so too – they are such an easy-going, muted kind of burnt sienna colour – art deco pink is definitely a good way of describing it.

  4. I would have every single thing of it. I love the color, a hybrid between plain nude an brown. The top from the third photo is super cute.

  5. That’s the perfect name for that colour! Great collection. You should make up more colour names :)

  6. Can I interest you in a tiny sherbert bathroom? Free to good home? Around 40 years old, so just looking for somewhere to live out its *Golden Years*

  7. I too call it sherbert… or sherburt. This colour is perfect for people afraid of straight-up pink (like me)!

  8. I love the colors and I think I need that apc duffel bag and wedges. amazing
    p.s. love sherbert, hate sherbet.

  9. i totally agree with you about these colors.
    I only want to wear them , i have to restrain myself.
    I love the expression Dusty Rose.

  10. diana, i feel like i’m seeing this color for the first time. it’s beautiful! how can it be?


  11. So surreal. On Monday I was thinking about the scene from Austin Powers with Christian Slater. You’re right, it should be sherbert and not sherbet (my autocorrect just disagreed with us).

  12. Very creative way to display such a nice color! I’ve always called it “you know, that sexy nude-ish pink.” I think “Sherbert” might fit better on a crayon.

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