i’m really trying to psyche myself up for summer. if you follow my ramblings on twitter (or, of course, if you know me personally) you’ll know that i am not the hugest fan of this particular season. it’s the heat, you see. i think i might literally be allergic to heat. i can’t sit in the sun without going a lovely shade of blotchy red. i can’t even sit in a hot room without getting intensely uncomfortable. and the thing about living in south africa is that our summers are HOT. hot hot hot.

other than all that i really enjoy summer, of course. who doesn’t like long beautiful days, outdoor barbeques, walking on the beach, drinking ice cold beers in the sun, eating ice cream really quickly before it melts…

so in an effort to get the summer psyching going i did that guest post on hila’s blog as a jumping off point, then i started making a mood board dedicated to summer on pinterest (laugh at me if you will, but addiction is a serious matter) and now i am sharing some vintage summer snapshots – in colour. what better way to capture the season?

– courtesy of superbomba

– courtesy of bill greene

– courtesy of what makes the pie shops tick?

– courtesy of the snapatorium

– courtesy of phillip capper

– courtesy of etienne du plessis

– courtesy of superbomba

– courtesy of what makes the pie shops tick?

– courtesy of willy wilson

– courtesy of aroid

– courtesy of midwestern femme

– courtesy of lynne’s lens

– courtesy of anna allen

to all of you entering autumn soon – i really do envy you.


  1. Lovely photos, here in NYC the days are becoming milder and the nights cool….the autumn breeze is creeping in steadily…enjoy summer although it will be a very hot one.

  2. I’d like summer to stay FOREVER!
    I don’t need to see snow and wear downy coats witch make you look like caterpillar…
    Summer, please stay..

  3. Oh I’m the complete opposite – so tired of being cold(ish) all the time and waking up in the dark, the smells of flowers and warm earth and breezes is making me extremely happy, and inspired!
    These are lovely photos, they remind me of a picture I have of my mother as a young thing, enviably thin in a bikini in the 70s. I especially love the one from lynne’s lens.

  4. its so funny, i’m really envious of you, as i enter fall here in Canada, although its the winter i detest, it is so never ending…

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  6. summer is my favorite! We will be headed into autumn soon and I would gladly switch you:)

    love this collection of photos.

  7. That’s so weird that you mention a heat allergy. I swear I think I have one too. I get migraines from the sun and I’ve gotten heat rashes from the sun in the past. I grew up in hot and humid Louisiana and never went outside in the summer unless I was immersed in a swimming pool! Now I live in Seattle and we have super mild (and short) summers and I’m extremely thankful for them.

    I’m also a Pinterest addict and I love your blog. :) xoxo

  8. I love these. I found similar vintage pics recently but they’re all black and white, something about vintage color photos is so incredible.

    My favorite seasons are all about moderation – fall and spring. We really deserve autumn after the summer we had, weehoo.

  9. You could come live in Belgium. We have had *no* summer this year! At most three sunny days in a row. And I don’t think I’ve been able to leave the house with just a dress on more than once or twice… I don’t like summer much either, but that was just too depressing.

    PS: First comment… I love your site, thanks so much!

  10. I know how you feel! I was envious of all you in the Southern Hemisphere six months ago when you were heading into autumn… As much as I love springtime, it leads into the horrible heat and humidity of summer :(

  11. AH man. I hate the Durban summer heat but dare I say that aloud!! Spring is the perfect heat I reckon! Wish September heat would last through till March. Hope you are well Miss Moss.

  12. ha, great pictures diana. I’m yet to be fully convinced about summer though, and I join you in the autumn-envy. Still, we can pretend summer is this cool, can’t we?

    Thanks again for the guest posts, I loved them!

  13. Envying us 100 (F)+ days in a row like never before? An earthquake & a hurricane (in one week!).

    Dude. Please.:)

    Great snap finds.

  14. Oh. I am heat addled obviously. You’re envying us entering in to autumn. Well, in another 6 weeks maybe. Yikes.

  15. What great swimming costumes! I’m in Hanoi at the moment and the summer is scary- it gets as hot as Sydney but it’s the HUMIDITY that kills you. I’ve never really sweated until I got here. Does SA get the humidity?

  16. these photos are So wonderful!!!! thanks so much for sharing! what i love most about them is every single person looks so real and natural! now most of the photos we see are retouched or the people in them are!

    yes autumn is coming here in the Midwest of the U.S. and even though i love the cooler temperatures, i hate the thought of ice, snow and freezing weather for 5 months before we see anything green again! it gets very cold here for weeks on end, no higher then 10 degrees and many times way below zero with wind chills of up to 50 below zero!!!!

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