got totally sucked in by this amazing set of photos taken by George Plemper in London in the late 70’s & early 80’s

For a period of 5 years between 1978 to 1982 photography was a way to prove to myself that I was still alive. Unable to unable to make sense of the “real world” and “real people” who told me that I was too sensitive, too quiet, too thoughtful, too strange, I found that my world changed when I picked up the camera. Through the viewfinder a new and better world opened up and, best of all, it acted as a shield. I did not have to get too close when I held the camera. In 1979-82 I used to visit the Clockhouse Community Centre in Woolwich Dockyard, London SE18 and these are a few of the sights I saw.

all photographs by George Plemper

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  1. Thoughts….

    Upon seeing the first image – “I need to cut my hair short IMMEDIATELY”

    Upon seeing the little girl doing a split – “Man. I can’t believe I was ever capable of doing that.”

    …. but 8 year old me totally was. What a flexible thing I was in the past.

  2. Thanks for sharing these, i love that top photo – just did a drawing of her in my sketchbook, what great style!

  3. These are brilliant, thank you very much for sharing them. I saw the image of the first girl before I read about the history of the photographs, and just couldn’t place the date of it – I would never have got it right, fascinating!

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