just when you think that you couldn’t possibly look at another vintage inspired lookbook, along comes one that could actually fool you into thinking the photos are legit – until you take a closer look.  i was almost fooled at first glance by this set of photos while browsing Lincoln Taft’s blog. this is the new lookbook  for Ralph Lauren’s RRL label.

RRL was first introduced in 1993 as a collection of meticulously aged and rugged looking menswear inspired by the pioneering spirit of the American West. Vintage selvedge denims, sumptuous flannel shirts, beautifully battered leathers and utilitarian styles which evoke images of hard-grafting ranch hands and tough-talking blue-collar workers are all thrown into the mix in a collection that is named after Double RL, the Colorado ranch owned by Ricky and Ralph Lauren. source

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  1. the third dude down has a face that has a hint of “christian bale when he’s lost a lot of weight for a movie” look to it. just an observation for you.

  2. Uh amazing! At first glance they had me fooled, definitely one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” moments. What a great idea for a lookbook

  3. This is seriously amazing. Thank you so much for sharing these because now I’ll have something to obsess about!

  4. I saw these somewhere else and I was the same, I was so nearly taken in by them too!
    What gave it away was the man and girl holding hands, the only thing that was anachronistic.

  5. I love this stuff. I have seen a lot of it lately. But i never gets old. These are timeless images.

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